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Tips For Preventing Dry Skin

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There are many things that can cause skin to become dry and cracked especially throughout the cold, winter months. With some quick and easy daily routines you will be well on your way to keeping the dry and cracked skin at bay. Your dermatologist will also be able to help you with tips specific to your skin type.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day is not only good for your overall health but it also keeps your skin hydrated. If you are an extremely active person, you should drink even more to replenish the fluids that you are losing in your workouts. Refraining from drinking certain liquids is also a good idea when you are considering keeping yourself hydrated. Caffeine and alcohol also quickly dehydrate you leaving your skin without the proper hydration. Drinking soda and alcohol causes your body to pull extra fluids from wherever it can to make up for what it uses to process the soda and alcohol.

Oil Baths

If you are a person who enjoys taking baths, then adding oils to your bath water is not only a good way to keep your skin smelling fresh and hydrated. After soaking in your bath for at least five minutes, add roughly one tablespoon of almond, hazelnut, olive, or jojoba oil to your water and then soak in it. By adding the oils to the water after you have already soaked, it opens up the pores in your skin and then the oils seal in the moisture into your skin.


Protecting your skin from the elements will also keep it looking and feeling fresh. The sun, cold, and wind can all dry out your skin or accelerate the process of it drying out. Moisturizing a couple of times a week will keep your skin hydrated. If you moisturize more often however, it can cause more harm than good.


In your daily routine, avoid using extremely hot water. Short warm showers can be beneficial bot long hot and warm showers can actually damage your skin. When you do shower, use gentle grain-based moisturizing soaps to keep your skin from becoming dried out due to the harsh chemicals in soaps other than these.

Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin can be beneficial but if you exfoliate too often you can actually damage the skin which could lead to dry skin and other skin problems. Exfoliating every once in a while is beneficial because it strips the dead skin cells off of the surface of your skin but by over exfoliating you can cause more problems than help.

Humidify your Life

If the air in your home and office is extremely dry, consider using a humidifier. The humidifier will not only benefit your sinuses but it will also benefit your skin as well. When the air that you breathe in is too dry, it causes your sinuses to dry out and can cause you to have bloody noses. Your skin will feel moist and refreshed as it should feel, instead of rough, dry and cracked.

What Not to Wear

Avoiding wool and other itchy clothing will also benefit your skin. Scratching and rubbing from rough materials damages the skin and makes dry skin worse. If you have a favorite wool sweater that you love to wear, protect your skin from the material by wearing a shirt underneath of it.

With some simple daily routines and overall healthy practices in your life, you can keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed. Exercising these routines especially in the colder, winter months can keep you from suffering from the painful cracks that occur along the tips of your fingers and other sensitive areas. Contact your local dermatologist today.


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