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Incorrect Sleeping

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How To Eliminate Pain From Incorrect Sleeping

Correct SleepingIf you have ever woken up with a really stiff neck, you know just how annoying and frustrating it can be.  You can hardly align your head correctly, let alone get out of bed or do much of anything else for that matter.  This is actually a condition called Torticollis.  One type of Torticollis is called Congenital Torticollis and it mainly happens in young infants and kids.  But, it can also happen in adults and it’s called Adult or Acquired Torticollis.  This condition is the same as it is in children, but it’s sort of like the adult version.  The main symptoms of this annoying condition include a stiff or painful neck when you wake up in the morning or even a sharp pain on either side of your neck when you try to turn over or get up.  If you’ve had this condition, you know it by the pain alone, but also by the crookedness of your head – it seems to tilt either to the left or right.  Unfortunately, this type of condition can happen because of no specific cause, however, there are factors that can be related to it.  Check out the article below to find out more about this condition, what you can do to fix it and newer/better ways to sleep at night to keep this from happening again.