Kids love to snack. In fact, after they get out of school, it’s often foremost on their minds … grabbing a snack and heading off to a fun after-school activity. But as a parent, it’s a foregone conclusion that you don’t relish your kids snacking nearly as much as they do. All those sugary, unhealthy snacks wreak havoc on their teeth, their bodies, and even their minds. And with all the refined, processed snacks out there these days, it can be hard sometimes to find snacks that are good for them. If you’re a teacher, you watch kids eat unhealthy foods every day for lunch, likely because many parents have a hard time coming up with healthy snacks their children will actually eat rather than toss out or trade for something that tastes better. Here are some healthy snack ideas for kids from top teachers in New Jersey that will keep your children from trading health for taste.


Cheese is a comfort food, and for good reason. Cheese helps to regulate blood sugar, and it packs enough protein to give real energy—not the fake kind of energy kids get from caffeinated beverages and energy shots. Pair cheese with your child’s favorite fruit, and you’ve got a snack that will help keep them happy and active until dinner.


What did we ever do before smoothies? These babies are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help keep your kids healthy, and they’re delicious to boot. Another great thing about smoothies is that you can use all manner of fruits and vegetables your kids hate that are super good for them, and they don’t even have to know. Start with fruits and even veggies your kids like, then add in the ones you know will pack a wallop of all the nutrients they need. The great thing about smoothies is the blending part—you can cover up just about any flavor you don’t like; just keep experimenting until you get it right.


Healthy Snacks for Kids Eggs
Eggs have gotten a bad rap in recent years, but the truth about eggs is they’re brain food. Plus, eggs have protein that little bodies desperately need to keep healthy, active, and growing as they should. Hard-boiled eggs are one of the most perfect snacks for kids you can find. Keep a bowl of them in your refrigerator for up to a week. Doubtful you’ll have many left, as eggs are tasty and satisfying without being filling.


Raisins are packed with important nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin D. So when it comes to a snack for your kids, you can’t beat these handy little morsels. Plus, you can toss a box of raisins just about anywhere to grab a few any time you want. Lunch boxes, backpacks, and even pockets are all small enough to conceal a little box of raisins that will go a long way toward keeping your child happy and healthy.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is one of the quintessential snacks for children because it’s delicious, nutritious, and it satisfies without weighing down your active child. Peanut butter’s protein puts it at the top of the list as a kid-friendly goody that’s packed with vital nutrients such as protein and fiber. Plus, peanut butter dresses up just about any other food you’d be happy to see your child eat but you just can’t get him near. Try some peanut butter on celery or a banana to put a smile on your child’s face and much-needed vitamins and minerals in her body.

Kids are going to snack; there’s not much you can do to change that. That’s why it’s important to choose healthy snacks for them. But healthy is only half the battle. You have to get your kids to choose to eat those healthy snacks over the unhealthy ones. And that’s why it’s also important to choose healthy snacks that kids enjoy eating. So, take some advice from top teachers in New Jersey—the next time your kids reach for a snack, have a few of the above healthy options on hand for them that will help keep their teeth, their bodies, and their minds active and energized.