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Spine Surgeon

Treatment for Back Pain

Back and spinal problems are some of the most common and unfortunately, most debilitating medical conditions. In addition to being painful, they can severely impair one’s mobility and diminish quality of life. They can result from congenital conditions such as scoliosis or from degenerative conditions due to aging such as spinal stenosis or from severe accidents.

Fortunately, recent medical developments have provided many more treatment options for people dealing with spinal conditions. They range from new, minimally invasive back surgery techniques to imaging technology to other therapeutic breakthroughs.

With a staff of nationally renowned spinal experts, New Jersey Spine Specialists enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the best spinal care clinic in northern New Jersey. Its offices in Summit and Montclair, New Jersey constitute one of the premier spinal treatment facilities in the United States.

Their board-certified physicians are well-equipped to treat spinal problems of any kind. By offering the most technologically advanced spinal treatments available, New Jersey Spine Specialists can alleviate the most painful spinal conditions and get you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle in almost no time at all.