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Top Physical and Occupational Therapy Practices

Physical Therapy

Serving their clients from different locations throughout Union, Sussex and Middlesex Counties, Physical Therapy is the top center for outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation in New Jersey. With extensive experience treating everything from back to shoulder to hand to knee problems, their seasoned therapists engage in both physical and occupational therapy to help those recovering from injuries and those who need to learn how to prevent future injuries. The dedicated staff at Physical Therapy is there to listen to their clients and to help them through every part of their recovery

Physical Therapy Center

With multiple locations throughout Brooklyn, Physical Therapy Center offers their patients everything from hand therapy to vestibular rehabilitation to scoliosis treatment to sports rehab. Their experienced team addresses each patient’s specific needs within the overall context of improved conditioning and fitness. As a result, their physical and occupational therapists help patients recover as quickly as possible by setting specific health goals and working proactively to meet them.