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American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Founded in 1987, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture is the sole physician-only professional acupuncture society in North America. In order to raise standards and increase access to the medical practice of acupuncture, the academy offers valuable information for both patients and physicians including webinars, symposiums and a patient referral directory.

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons is a scientific and educational association that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the spinal column, spinal cord, brain, nervous system and peripheral nerves. Their goal is to promote the specialty of neurological surgery by delivering the highest standard of patient care.

American Physical Therapy Association

An individual membership association comprising over 100,000 physcial therapists, the APTA strives to improve people’s health and quality of life through advancing the practice of physical therapy, education and research. They are also committed to raising the awareness of physical therapy in our nation’s health care system.

American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology is a useful resource for both physicians and patients. It offers  information about skin disease and conditions and cosmetic treatments in addition to tips on everyday skincare. It can also help you find a dermatologist in your area.

Mayo Clinic

In addition to a wealth of information about diseases and conditions, the Mayo Clinic also provides a comprehensive list of the conditions they treat and how to find the doctors who specialize in them.

National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching is a volunteer team devoted to creating national standards for health and wellness coaches. Through certifications and continuing education, the NBHWC seeks to elevate the level of care among coaches in order to ensure the health and well-being of their clients.

New Jersey Department of Health

The New Jersey Department of Health is dedicated to helping New Jersey residents understand and access information regarding health care within their state. In addition to helping people locate health facilities in their area, this resource also provides information on paying for healthcare, finding and selecting a provider, and how to file a complaint.

New Jersey Hospital Association

Founded over a century ago, the New Jersey Hospital Association provides support and services to the state’s hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers. As one of the largest healthcare organizations in the state, the goal of NJHA is to deliver quality, affordable healthcare to residents of the Garden State. Their membership includes over 400 healthcare providers throughout the state.

North American Spine Society

The North American Spine Society provides valuable information for patients regarding spine conditions, treatments, prevention and help finding specialists in your area.

NYC Health

The New York City Department of Health promotes and protect’s the city’s health. Their website offers exhaustive material on health topics, services such as clinics and records, and information for healthcare providers.

NYC Health + Hospitals

As the largest public healthcare system in the United States, NYC Health + Hospitals provides essential health services to over a million New Yorkers every year throughout the city’s five boroughs. Their website offers comprehensive information about patient services, finding a doctor and their healthcare locations.

Society for Vascular Surgery

Composed mainly of vascular surgeons, the Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) promotes innovation in vascular health through research, education and public awareness. As the national advocate for over 5,800 vascular surgeons and other medical professionals, SVS is committed to prevention and cure of vascular disease.


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