There are some basic skin care routines that every woman should exercise regularly to keep her skin looking young and beautiful. Every woman has a different skin type so there are some things that you may need to contact a doctor in Livingston about, but using these simple daily tips will keep your skin looking refreshed.

Wash Your Face

The first and most basic of tips is to keep your face clean. You can do this by washing your face in both the morning and at night. It is important to wash your face in the morning because you can pick up lots of dander and dead skin off of your pillow as well as dust and dirt. It is also important to wash your face at night to rid your skin off all the toxins that accumulated on your skin throughout the course of your day. During the day, it is also important to touch your face less and to keep your hands clean for when you do touch your face. When you do touch your face, be sure to not scratch and pick at your skin which could lead to scarring on your face.


Basic health care routines will also keep your skin looking fresh. Eating healthy meals and getting sufficient amounts of rest are important to keep your body overall healthy and running smoothly. As we all know, following the food pyramid is a good way to make sure that you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is anywhere between 6 and 8 hours per night. This allows your body to recover from the day before and to prepare for the day ahead. Keeping your mind and body free from stress is also important to keeping you looking and feeling your best.


Refraining from smoking is also an essential tip to keeping your skin looking young and vibrant. When a person smokes they are putting lots of toxins into their bodies and they are effecting the normal bodily processes. Smoking decreases the rate of blood circulation in your body which can lead to organs, such as the skin, looking and feeling sub par. A smoker’s skin appears dull and lifeless from the amount of toxins that they are putting into their systems.


If you are a makeup wearer, be sure to keep your make up clean as well as the applicator. Bacteria that can grow in your sponges and brushes can be transferred to your skin and therefore make you very sick. One way to keep the bacteria to a minimum in your make up is to replace your make up every six to twelve months, which is the average shelf life of make up as well. Also keep in mind that the more expensive makeup does not always mean that they are higher quality.

Protect Your Skin

Whenever you go out in the sun, it is also important to apply a sun screen to protect you from the suns harmful rays. It is most important to apply to your face, lips and chest because that’s where the thinnest skin on your body is. By adding an SPF of at least thirty every day, you are not only protecting yourself against harmful rays but taking steps to ward off cancer of the skin and sunspots.

Small Amounts

When in doubt, keep in mind that less is more. Applying large amounts of make up to your skin can clog your pores and make skin appear unhealthy. One other product that is commonly overused is moisturizers. While a thin coat of moisturizer on your skin a few times a week is a good thing, every day and multiple times a day can be doing more harm than good to your skin.

With the proper care and healthy routines for your body, it is simple to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy as well as refreshed. As many stars have said in the past, as long as you feel good it is much easier to look good.