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Recovering from Back Surgery

Recovering from back surgery is certainly not a pleasant experience. Like other surgeries, it will simply take time to reap the full benefits of the surgical procedure. In many cases, patients think that the recovery period is the most challenging part of having the surgical procedure done. There are several things that patients can obtain prior to having the procedure done by a spine surgeon in NJ. Accumulating these items can help speed the recovery rate and help almost immediately upon returning home from the procedure.

Plan Ahead

Before running out to purchase any new items, take some time to plan ahead. Think about how daily chores like meal plans, laundry and cleaning will be taken care of. It’s essential to clear any chores off the list of things that have to be done for a couple of reasons. One is that it is imperative to follow the surgeon’s recommendations on how much walking and moving should be done following the procedure. The other thing is to make sure that the home is free from any type of obstacles that could hinder an individual from moving about the house safely without causing a fall. If an aide or caregiver is provided by insurance, be sure to schedule them in advance so that it will not have to be taken care of after the procedure.


This is a practical item but for those undergoing back surgery it is important to have some sort of footwear that is easily removed and put on. It can make a world of difference after surgery. Slip-on house shoes or even moccasins can provide comfort and warmth for the feet but are easy to slip off and on without having to strain or bend down. Make sure that there are no laces that have to be tied so that there is no strain on the back. Having comfortable footwear can also help encourage the patient to get out of bed which can also be an aid to healing.


Ask the spine surgeon to provide a prescription that for medications or painkillers that can be filled prior to undergoing surgery. This way it is already at the house and ready for when the patient returns home. It sounds like a simple task, but it can mean one less thing to have to worry about, especially if it is completed before going in for the procedure. It’s also important to locate heating pads or ice packs per the surgeon’s recommendations. Having these accessible and ready to go according to the physician’s orders can help alleviate pain faster. The surgeon may suggest ice packs which can help minimize swelling as well as muscle spasms; and they may also suggest heat to help provide more circulation and oxygenation around the wound to help speed the healing process up.

Nutritional Supplies

Before going in for a spine surgery in NJ, make sure to stock the house with products which can provide adequate nutrition. Protein is essential for helping the body heal. Stock the cabinet and fridge before going to have the procedure completed. This way it will be taken care of and proper nutrition can begin as soon as the individual returns home. Also include plenty of fibrous foods as it is common for patients to experience constipation. It is also a good idea to have a mild laxative or stool softener on hand just to make sure.

Providing for Hydration

Hydration is a very important aspect of recovery after spine surgery. However, it can be very difficult to sit up in order to get a sip of water. Many times patients suffer from dehydration just because it is so difficult. Stock cabinets with various types of sports bottles which are equipped with a squirt top. Some also choose to use large cups that come with a flexible straw. Either of these will make drinking liquids a much easier chore and eliminate the nuisance of trying to get a drink. Both of these types of containers also allow the patient to be able to drink while remaining in a reclined position.

There is really no way to rush the healing after back surgery. It is simply going to take some time to regain strength and mobility after having the procedure. Having these items on hand will help patients be able to be a little more patient in the recovery process.