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How to Have a Healthy Summer

How to Have a Healthy SummerHot fun in the summertime! You’re raring to get outdoors and do all those awesome summery activities you’ve got planned, like tanning, swimming, and picnicking into the wee small hours. STOP! You need to know that all that summer fun you’ve been waiting for can come to a screeching halt if you don’t first arm yourself with safety tips for outdoor summer activities. Summer’s about sun, fun, and spending quality—and quantity—time with friends and family. But nothing will stop you in your tracks like a serious sun burn or a nasty case of swimmer’s ear. From how to prevent swimmer’s ear to how to keep sunburn at bay to tweaking your summer diet for optimum health, here are some tips that will help you make the most of the lazy days of summer.

How to Prevent Sunburn

Most of us have had some level of sunburn at one time or other in our lives. But getting a serious sunburn can, at its worst, cause serious skin problems, and at its least, can interfere with your summer plans.

Find a good sunscreen

For best results, choose a sunscreen that protects your skin against both types of rays the sun gives off—UVA (burns your skin) and UVB (causes premature aging). Check labels and choose one that protects against both. If you’re pale, choose a sunscreen that contains SPF50.

Reapply generously and regularly

The first time you apply it, be sure to use at least an ounce (which equals about a shot glass). Apply your chosen sunscreen over your entire body, face, and ears. Consider also including your scalp. Apply about a half hour prior to going out into the sun, as the sunscreen needs a little time to be absorbed into your skin. Reapply regularly while out in the sun—about every two hours if you’re out in the sun, or if you’re swimming or sweating a lot, reapply every time you towel off.

How to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

Here are some simple steps to preventing swimmer’s ear:

Shower/bathing cap

Wear a shower cap when you’re in the shower if you’re not planning on washing your hair. No need to get your ears water logged if you don’t plan on shampooing. Try also wearing a shower/bathing cap when you’re swimming. Additionally, it’s a good idea following shampooing to tilt your head and shake out any water that may be left in your ears; do this before you begin drying your hair with a towel following showering and also after swimming, reason being that drying your hair with a towel can push water further into your ear, particularly if you already have wax building up in your ears.

Cleaning your ears

Be very careful while cleaning your ears. Never use cotton swabs to clean out your ear canals, and don’t ever dig into the ear canal with anything, including hair pins, pencils, pens, etc., as this practice can push wax further into the ear. It can also cause scratching and breaking within the ear canal that will allow in bacteria, which can then lead to an infection.

How to Eat Healthy in Summer

Summer is a prime time to eat healthy, particularly due to all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables that are available.How to Have a Healthy Summer Eat Healthy in Summer

Fresh produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are nearly limitless in the summer months. Crunchy veggies and fruits are not only loaded with nutrients that are great for your body, skin, and hair; they’re wonderful for your dental health.

Lean meats

When you’re at a cookout or barbecue this summer, reach for skinless chicken breasts, turkey, or fish choices such as grilled salmon or tuna. Eating a hot dog or a hamburger every now and then is fine, but loading up on these in summer just because it’s grill season is bad not only for your health but also for your summer. Eating lots of fat will definitely slow you down!

Stay hydrated

When you’re out and about in the summer months having fun, it’s easy to become dehydrated, particularly if you’re playing hard and sweating. Be sure to drink a lot of cool, clean water. And stay away from energy drinks that are loaded with sugar. All that sugar is the opposite of true energy!

Ahahahahaaaa—wipeout! These are the words to a great old summer song that simply screams summer fun with every musical note. But you wouldn’t want your fun to wipe out in the middle of summer because of swimmer’s ear or sunburn, now would you? Take a couple precautions beforehand in order to maximize your fun factor in the lazy, hazy, crazy days ahead. Prevent swimmer’s ear with swim ear drops. Prevent sunburn with the right sunscreen. And reshape your diet just a bit in this sunny season. If you take these few steps ahead of time, you’re sure to have a summer that’s filled with hot fun, cool breezy nights, and everything these warm months promise.