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How to Protect Your Joints

Joints are a vital part of anyone’s body and they should be protected. Many different conditions, problems and ailments can harm them. If pain in the joints becomes a problem for you, there are many activities that can be made harder to do. Simple things such as sitting, standing or walking can become extremely painful. You may not be able to garden, read a book to your grandchildren or so on due to the pain that you’re experiencing. By considering the many ways to keep your joints in good health, you’re able to prevent this pain from happening. Consider speaking with a top NJ orthopedic surgeon if you have concerns about the joint pain you’re experiencing.

Know and Respect Your Pain

If you do have pain from time to time, you should know when you’re having it and respect that you’re having it by not continuing with the activity that you’re doing. By pushing through the pain; you could be further damaging the joints. The pain means that something is not right and that you should switch positions or do something else to ease the discomfort.

Pain is a signal and this signal is one that you should recognize. Using heating packs for discomfort or cooling packs for swelling can calm the pain down. If you have regular pain that continues to last, speaking with an orthopedic surgeon can give you more tips on what to do and not to do when it comes to physical activity or being able to resume with activities that allow you to continue to be active, but without the pain that follows.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy can be a big thing for any condition that you’re going through. The right foods can give your body the energy and strength it needs to get through the day. Body weight is also a big factor at how much you have to carry when you walk around. By losing some excess weight, getting in a healthy mode and being able to stay trim, you’re able to cut out the fat and give your joints less to carry around. Add nutritional supplements such as glucosamine to your diet plan and cut down on the caffeine if you drink it.

Rely on the Bigger Joints

Do not use smaller joints to lift heavy objects. Lift with your legs and not with your back. This is an old time saying for a lot of people. You can harm yourself by lifting items this way. If you have to lift something, but do not think your legs are strong enough to help you do so, consider getting a lifting device that can help you lift things around the house. These can be great for smaller items as well. Hips and knees can go a long way when it comes to moving any objects throughout the home.

Remember, while moving anything, pay attention to the pain that is in your joints. This is the warning sign that you’re doing too much. If the pain is too much, speak with an orthopedic specialist in New Jersey on methods to reduce the pain.

Distribute Work and Rest Evenly

You should be able to go to work or do house chores, but make sure that you do not rush through the work that you have. Take it easy. If you become tired or sore during the chores or work, sit down and take a rest. You can have a healthy balance between the two.

Stretching periodically throughout the day while you’re doing these tasks can keep your joints limber and will make it less likely that they will cease up on you. Working at a steady pace, being consistent with your movements and keeping positive can help you get the work done without worrying about joint pain.

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