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Chiropractic Care For Knee Pain

Knee PainOut of all the parts of your body, the knee is a really complex structure that involves 3 different bones, 3 different compartments, 2 menisci, cartilage, 4 different ligaments and many different muscles and tendons.  The whole point to all of these factors is that they are used to allow you to stand balanced and to move your knee pain free.  Unfortunately, things like knee pain, popping inside the knee cap, or not being able to stand on your legs without feeling a shooting pain up to your knee are all signs that the structure inside your knee is not working correctly.  This can happen from all sorts of things such as sports injuries, car accidents, tight muscles, joint degeneration, etc.  It can also happen because of other issues on your body such as foot, ankle or hip issues.  Since knee pain primarily deals with the musculoskeletal part of your body, the best way to get rid of knee pain is by visiting a Top chiropractor in Clifton since they are trained in this type of medicine.  Below, we will be talking about causes and symptoms of knee pain, treatment, and exercises you can do at home to strengthen this part of your body.


Causes of Knee Pain

One of the most common reasons knee pain happens is because of sports activities.  In fact, sports such as cycling and running tend to have a lot of repetitive motions which causes specific muscles to be overworked.  This cases a muscle imbalance and wear and tear on those muscles.  going for a run or a jog can actually put 550% more force on your knees than if you were standing still, so activities which include running and jogging like basketball, soccer, hiking or even dancing, can cause wear on the foundation of your knees.  Another thing that can give you a lot of knee pain, is older injuries because older injuries often create scar tissue which makes it difficult for a full range of motion, eventually this scar tissue can lead to things like arthritis or even more pain so if you have scar tissue it’s a good idea to get it taken care of now rather than later.  One option is the Graston technique which uses stainless steel tools of different shapes and sizes to help, essentially, kneed out any scar tissue by applying pressure to the area and fanning, scooping, or running the tools up and down the leg, knee, ankle, etc.  Some of the most common symptoms that you need to pay attention to include:

•           Pain

•           Stiffness

•           Clicking

•           Popping

•           Swelling

•           Feeling the knee might buckle

•           Weakness

If you have any of these issues in your knee, it’s a good idea to start looking for a chiropractor that can take care of the knee pain for you and perhaps even if they cannot do something like the Graston technique, they can refer you to someone who does.


Treatment of Knee Pain

There are quite a few treatments available when it comes to knee pain.  You might be able to find a Top chiropractor that can do these treatments, but as mentioned before, if they do not do certain treatments they can probably refer you to someone who does.  Here are a few of the treatments to consider for knee pain – or any other type of pain for that matter:

Chiropractic Treatments:  Most of the time when you have knee pain, a simple visit to the Chiropractor will help fix the issue at hand.  The Doctor will most likely use a gentle massaging treatment as a way to help you with the pain.  However, they also might use spinal manipulation to help restore tissue and allow your joints to move fully once again.

– ART:  ART or Active Release Technique:  This is actually a combination of both stretching and massaging.  This is a technique usually used for adhesions and primarily done through trained therapists, but sports chiropractors can do these as well.  Deep tension throughout the joints and muscles is ascertained while the individual moves the joint through various ranges of motions.

The Graston Technique:  As mentioned before, this is a treatment where a Chiropractor, Massage or Physical Therapist will use different stainless steel tools to break up any scar tissue you have.  The treatment sounds brutal than it really is.  Actually, most people say there is almost no pain while going through this specific treatment, however, you might experience some aching after the treatment is finished, or over the course of the next few days.

Rehab:  When you go to rehab for a knee injury, it’s about more than just working out the kinks, it’s also about teaching you to prevent these injuries in the future.  You will most likely learn a few warm up exercises, stretching and other types of home treatments that you can do from the comfort of your bedroom or desk at work.

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