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Benefits of Same Day Surgery

Same Day Surgery
Same Day Surgery

Cost Efficiency for Patients

One of the biggest selling points for patients to use an ambulatory surgery center is the cost. Unlike a regular hospital which may rack up health cost bills in the hundreds of thousands for one individual, ambulatory surgery centers can afford to not charge so much because of the cost it takes to upkeep a center versus a hospital. In fact, if you look at the numbers the cost for ambulatory surgery centers versus hospitals is quite different. Numbers range from %25 to 33% lower for surgeries and treatments in an ambulatory surgery center setting rather than a hospital setting. That could mean a lot for individuals that choose not to get an important surgery or treatment because money is an issue. 25-33% less might not seem like a huge deal, but if you start to look at surgery and treatment costs; you begin to see that small percentage really does make a large impact on your financials.

Consumer Benefits

Most hospitals where I’m from are in the city. They tend to be a pain to get to; you have to deal with a lot of traffic and crowds. Ambulatory surgery centers are usually quite the opposite. They tend to be in more suburban areas which mean they are easier and quicker to get to which means they have better access to patients than a traditional hospital setting. Also, because ambulatory surgery centers don’t deal with emergency surgeries, it’s almost out of the question that your scheduled procedure will be “bumped” for an emergency surgery or situation. This means you can get your procedure or treatment done on the day it was scheduled which means you can get back to life and your job and not have to keep rescheduling when they can do your procedure!

More Comfortable Setting

One of the biggest benefits for patients when it comes to same day surgery and Ambulatory surgery centers is the comfort centered on the aftercare. Unlike in a hospital setting where you may have to wait a few days after the surgery and a few more to recoup in a hospital room, Ambulatory surgery centers don’t call for the same guidelines. I think we’ve all spent at least one night in a hospital room. They are depressing, cold, you don’t have any of the comforts that you do have at home and worse yet they have strict guidelines on when visitors can come visit you. Thankfully with an outpatient care service like Ambulatory surgery centers you don’t have to deal with any of that. Its less stressful and you have the convenience of going home right after the surgery back to your creature comforts to recoup however you want to recuperate. Not only is this a benefit to adults, but to parents that have children and are getting surgery or treatments. Instead of having to worry about your child alone in a hospital room, you can get them home in their own safe and comfortable bed. That alone, can be worth it for worrisome parents!

More Productivity

Most of the surgeons that work within an ambulatory Surgical Center recognize what they will be experiencing as far as productivity in this setting. They know that instead of having a separate janitorial staff to clean up after a surgery, that nurses and technicians will be doing this. Because of this alone, the productivity in the surgery rooms has a maximal turnover that you just don’t see in a regular hospital setting. Usually when it comes to an Ambulatory surgery center operating room the turnover is less than 15 minutes from the time the patient exits until the next one comes in. While this might not seem beneficial to a patient – it is, it means less time waiting around for your surgery or for the room to be cleaned and clear which means you can get in, get the surgery done, get out and go on with your life without having to waste precious minutes or hours waiting for a room to free up.

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