Most of us know that stretching before engaging in any form of exercise is important. But how important is stretching to your daily routine? We stretch when we’re tired, and we stretch when we don’t want to be tired anymore—a fact that seems to indicate that stretching has benefits on both sides of the spectrum. And so it does. Stretching is an extremely beneficial and healthy means of getting oxygen to cells, and oxygen is what helps cells thrive. As a matter of fact, oxygen is so important to every single cell in our bodies that without it, we begin to die within minutes. The health benefits of stretching are many, including increasing blood circulation to all organs of your body; preventing you from getting injured, particularly while you’re exercising; helping you to develop more flexibility; boosting your endurance levels; increasing your energy levels; reducing cramping and aching; increasing your athletic performance ability; and even lifting your spirits. Following is information regarding daily health tips and benefits of stretching that will help explain why including daily stretching into your life.

Increase circulation

Stretching increases blood flow to organs, muscles, and every part of your body, improving your health and well-being. Better blood flow means healthier cells and organ function. It also means your heart doesn’t have to work so hard to get blood to the rest of your body, promoting healthy blood pressure.

Prevent injury

Stretching allows your body to get nutrients to your bones and muscles, which helps to prevent injuries. It also helps your body to speed up the recovery process for injuries that have already occurred.

Increase flexibility

Stretching increases range of motion of your body’s muscles, promoting better flexibility. Increased range of motion means your body is able to withstand pressure, adding agility to your daily activity.

Boost endurance

Stretching helps to increase your stamina because it loosens up muscles throughout your entire body. This helps to relieve muscle tension and fatigue, boosting your endurance during whatever activity you’re engaging in.

Increase energy

Stretching increases energy because it increases blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen to your cells, and it’s that oxygen that helps to boost your energy levels. If you find yourself losing energy at around 3:00 in the afternoon, instead of reaching for a candy bar or a coffee, stand up and do some stretches for even just a minute or two. The results will be quicker, broader, and will last longer than that quick sugar or caffeine fix.

Reduce body aches

Stretching helps to reduce body aches, particularly if you perform a good stretch routine before any type of exercise workout. The reason for this is that stretching helps to get nutrients to your muscles and relieve soreness.

Increase athletic performance

Stretching Increases athletic performance
Stretching improves athletic performance for so many reasons, including the fact that it gets nutrients to muscles and increases flexibility and range of motion. For all the reasons mentioned above, stretching can help to increase athletic performance due to its myriad benefits to the human body.

Lift mood

Stretching even helps to lift your spirits. If you find yourself a little on the glum side, take a few minutes to stand up and stretch out your muscles. Stress causes muscle contraction, and stretching out that tenseness can help ease mental discomfort. Additionally, because stretching gets blood and nutrients to cells, it helps to relieve tension and increase blood flow—a vital component of a positive outlook.

“Bend and stretch, reach for the sky”—it was a mantra used on a popular children’s show many years ago that taught kids to stretch on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, the children who watched the show and engaged in its activities benefited immensely from those daily stretches. Adding stretching to your daily routine is one of the most beneficial things you can do for health. Sadly, it’s also one of the most underrated and overlooked. Just a few minutes of stretching every day will increase blood flow to your brain, increase your energy and stamina, and even lift your mood, to name just a few of  the many benefits of stretching. Consult with a doctor near you for further information on how stretching is useful to your health.