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How to Reduce Back Injury When Playing Sports

Pre-exercise Warm-ups

Exercise is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most common ways to achieve high levels of exercise is to engage in various sports and competitive activities. Always discuss any exercise regimen with a physician before beginning participation, especially before engaging in any sports related activity. It is possible for people who have back pain to participate in some sports as long as they pay attention to their backs and get an okay from their physician. For many individuals sports can offer a way to prevent back injuries. There are ways to reduce the chances that the back will sustain injury while participating in sports.

Pre-exercise Warm-ups

Most sports specialists used to recommend lots of static stretching prior to engaging in any exercise or activity. This is no longer the case as several more recent studies and lines of thinking lean towards the fact that simply stretching muscles prior to exercise is not necessary or beneficial. Specialists say that it does not necessarily help prevent an injury from occurring but it also does not do any harm. However, spinal specialists and sports doctors agree that it is essential to do a proper warm-up prior to starting to play any sport. Rather than simply stretching out muscles, the muscles that are going to be used in the sport should be prepared for the stress that is ahead; meaning that a warm-up routine should be specifically designed to the sport that is being played.

A good warm-up routine should include some types of easy movements that will help increase the flow of blood slowly such as walking. This will slowly increase circulation until it reaches all of the ligaments and muscles of the back. It is also important to stretch all of the muscles that are related to the upper and lower back including the hamstrings as well as the quadriceps. Then begin to start slowly practicing the same movements that the sport will demand such as serving the ball or swinging a gold club or baseball bat.

Talk to a Sports Professional about Preventing or Managing Back Injuries

Nearly every sport has instructors or professionals who do not mind sharing their expertise. A person with this type of knowledge and experience can share pointers about how to develop the correct form and the proper technique for the sport. Proper technique and correct form are two ways to prevent injuries from occurring in most cases. Before consulting a sports professional ask about their credentials. Those who are certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association should have the latest information related to exercise routines and stretching exercises which can be beneficial to you help prevent injuries.

Cross Training is Essential to Preventing Injury

Many sports such as cycling or running involve the same movements over and over. Some parts of the body get a very good workout while other parts not so much. This can end up with an improper balance of the muscle groups and it can be a recipe for disaster. It is important to participate in sports or activities that require the use of all the muscle groups. Keeping the muscles balanced and in shape can help prevent injuries. Cross training involves a different sport or exercise to work various body parts and muscles. When the entire muscle group is conditioned and strong it is less likely that an athlete will sustain an injury.

Taking Frequent Breaks

It is essential to take many breaks to give your muscles some relief. This applies whether you are training for a marathon or sitting in an office chair all day. When you take a break you engage more muscles and joints as well as relieve tension. Those who regularly participate in rigorous sports such as running or bicycling should consider rest days for cross training which includes activities such as strength training or yoga. Overworking one particular muscle group can lead to injury and should be avoided when possible.

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