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How to Handle Tooth Trauma

Tooth Trauma
Tooth Trauma

Dental emergencies can happen any time and in any place. You can only hope that you are close to a dental office when something happens, and that it is open.  It is important to know how to handle a tooth trauma situation so that when one such case presents itself, you are prepared. Here is some information about how you can handle someone losing a permanent tooth.

Time is the Most Important Factor

If you are around someone who has a permanent tooth knocked out, there is a good chance that it can be saved. You will, however, need to know what to do and act quickly. The primary concern should be getting the individual to a local dentist’s office. If the person wants a dentist to be able to salvage and re-insert the natural tooth, time is the most crucial factor in success. Here are some steps to make sure it gets saved, or is at least is in optimal condition, by the time you get to the dentist to have the problem fixed.

Check for More Serious Issues

The first thing to do is check to see if the individual has any serious injuries including any problems with the head, neck, or jaw. If the person has a concussion, you may want to see a doctor prior to visiting the top dentist in Millburn NJ. If the tooth in question is a baby tooth, do not worry about it being replaced. Replacing a baby tooth can damage the permanent tooth that is coming in behind it.

Avoid Touching the Root of the Tooth

Avoiding infection is also very important. To avoid an infection, the tooth should not be held by the root, but by the crown. The crown is simply the part of the tooth that is visible with the naked eye. Leave the root alone as much as possible and avoid any contact with it. Touching it can pass back bacteria from your hands and can end up back in the mouth of the suffering individual. You should clean the area that the tooth came out of with room temperature water but avoid scrubbing the root at all costs.

Home Tooth Reinsertion

Once the area is free from dirt and debris, try to reinsert it. Place it in the correct place and gently push it down into the gums. Then have the individual hold the tooth in place by using a piece of gauze. This may end up making the tooth stay in place and can help you avoid a trip to the dentist. You will probably want to go anyway to make sure that everything is alright with the tooth.

Keep the Tooth Moist

If you cannot successfully reinsert the tooth yourself, it must stay moist until they can get to a dentist. Keep the tooth in a clean container and keep it covered with milk or room temperature water to help prevent it from drying. If you have the chance, purchase an emergency kit that includes a solution that is better for the tooth to be in. These are available at most drugstores for a small price and can be extremely useful. The solution is much better for preserving the tooth until a dentist can put it back into the socket. Tooth injuries are generally not life threatening but they can have permanent effects on an individual’s appearance and competence. It is important to act quickly during a dental emergency. If there is not a dentist available at the time of the incident, a doctor may be able to help reinsert the tooth as well. Go to the emergency room and explain to them what happened. Hopefully they can help or at least direct you to where you can go to get help.

If a tooth cannot be reinserted, there are a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures meant to cover up the hole that gets left. The situation will hopefully not have to come to that because of your actions. Knowing what to do and working quickly can save someone’s tooth and overall appearance. The individual will surely be appreciative of your knowledge and quick thinking when they can look in the mirror and see there beautiful smile has been saved.

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