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What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage

All types of massage are not created equal even though they can be somewhat similar in technique and in benefit. The Swedish massage is one of the most effective types of massages. It sort of combines a deep tissue massage with a gentle massage, a combination which can help promote tension release and relaxation for the muscles. It is important that you use a licensed massage therapist, and there are several qualified therapists in the Chatham NJ area. The Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massages since because it helps an individual relax. It is often called the “relaxation massage” and sometimes is referred to as a classic or traditional massage. Just what distinguishes the Swedish massage from other types? There are 5 basic movements which are characteristic of a Swedish massage.

Basic Principles of the Swedish Massage

There are 5 basic movements used in a Swedish massage which help increase circulation as well as remove toxins from the muscles. Although it is considered a gentle massage, the therapist will also use some firm pressure in conjunction with various types of oils which will help reduce friction, as well as relax and compress the muscles. Strokes are always made in the direction of the heart. The five basic moves of a Swedish massage are: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration and friction.

Effeurage are strokes that are long and gliding which varying pressure applied depending on both therapist and client. Petrissage is a sort of kneading movement which will help relax muscles as well as increase circulation which occurs from compressing and then releasing the tissues of the muscles. Tapotement is a tapping technique which is done with the fingers, palm or side of the hand. This technique will help release cramping and tension. Vibration can be done with hands or a machine which creates rapid movements which will soothe and relax muscles. And friction is usually applied to areas which have muscle knots. Friction is done by making strong, fast circular motions it is usually only applied for a short time to avoid any inflammatory responses. There may also be some bending and stretching movements to help relax the joints during the massage process.

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

There are typically several benefits associated with a Swedish massage. One of the biggest benefits is pure relaxation which can help loosen up tight backs or necks which are tense. In many cases it can offer some relief from aching backs as well. A Swedish massage can help reduce stress. It has a twofold method of doing this in that it can help release the body of unwanted responses to stress such as tightness, but it can also help the client clear their mind of all worry which also brings relief. It can also help increase flexibility. Most experience an increase of full range of motion in the hands, legs and arms following a Swedish massage. Many individuals have also reported that they have seen a noticeable decrease in swelling in their extremities after experiencing a Swedish massage. The most often noted benefit is the reliving of the body of tension which can help offer the individual an overall sense of well being.

Obtaining a Swedish Massage

It is important to note that each massage can have plenty of beneficial effects on the body; but it is usually necessary to have several massages to realize the full benefits. Most massage therapists in the Chatham NJ area suggest undergoing at least one full Swedish massage each month. It is even better if it can be done at least every two weeks.

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