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Causes of Toothache in Young Adults

Toothache in Young AdultsNo one is immune to getting a toothache. Though many ailments in life tend to fall on older people, to be candid (and obvious), anyone who has teeth can get toothaches. The causes of toothache in young adults typically involve what they eat and how they care for their teeth. Unfortunately, young people often don’t eat the type of diet that enables optimum oral care. Foods that contain refined sugars and starches are among the worst culprits for poor diet among young adults. Even juices that are considered healthy can lead to toothaches. Another miscreant that causes toothaches in young adults is dental hygiene, particularly if they find themselves too busy to stop for a good brushing or flossing. Finally, not visiting a dentist on a regular basis is a big cause for toothaches in young people who often don’t have the means or insurance to see a professional. Family dentists in South Orange have compiled information about the causes of toothaches in young adults, as well as remedies.  For more information about ways to reduce the risk of toothache contact a top dentist near you today.

Sugars and processed foods

Nothing brings on a toothache faster or more effectively than eating refined sugars and processed foods. Today’s food industry is rife with overly processed foods that contain very little nutritional value. The problem with these refined, sugary, processed foods (that can barely even be called ‘food’) is that they weaken the enamel on teeth, and it’s that enamel that keeps teeth healthy and strong. The problem with weakened and diminished enamel is that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. And if your teeth’s enamel is gone, that means its protective outer layer is gone, leaving it susceptible to disease. Because young people are often busy with school, homework, college or college prep, friends, parties, jobs, and all other manner of activity, they often grab sugary, processed foods to get them from one activity to another. Additionally, they often indulge in sugary energy drinks to rev up for their busy schedules. If you’re one of these busy young adults, try revving up with raw fruits and vegetables that not only contain the nutrition you need to get through your hectic day; crunchy whole foods such as carrots, celery, and apples are great for the teeth because they clean away nasty food particles and wash away bad bacteria.

Fruit juices and caffeinated beverages

Toothache in Young Adults poor dental care
Yes, that’s right—fruit juices can be a main factor if a young adult has a toothache. Fruit juices and other drinks that are high in acidic content are just plain bad for teeth. True, fruit juices can be healthy for your body, but if you drink them often, all that acid and sugar can strip away enamel. Overindulging in coffee and other caffeinated drinks, particularly those that are carbonated are also bad for the teeth of a young adult because they can lead to tooth discoloration. Opt instead for water as often as you can.

Poor dental care

Just as young adults are often too busy to eat a healthy diet, they also sometimes don’t stop long enough to take optimum care of their teeth. Optimum dental care includes brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing at least once daily, and visiting a top dentist near you twice annually. Another way to maximize dental hygiene is to chew sugarfree gum in between meals because it generates saliva in the mouth that helps to wash away bad bacteria, the cause of toothaches. Note that, when it comes to gums, there is a difference between ‘sugarless’ and ‘sugarfree.’ Sugarless gum can still have trace amounts of sugar in it, while sugarfree gum is just that—free of sugar.

Having a toothache isn’t a big deal … if you’ve never had one. The truth is that a toothache is pounding, pulsating ruination of an otherwise perfect day. Pain associated with a toothache can be excruciating, and it can even lead to serious health risks if not dealt with in a timely manner. As with many medical conditions, prevention is the key for a young adult when it comes to toothaches. Eat a proper diet that includes fresh, crunchy vegetables that are nutritionally loaded and have the power to clean your teeth. Keep acid-overloaded juices to a minimum. Or, if you do choose to drink them, use a straw and brush afterwards. And, above all, visit a dentist near you twice a year. If, as a young adult just starting out, you cannot afford dental insurance, check the internet for subsidized dental insurance programs in your state.