Some foods that harm your teeth are obvious. For instance, everybody knows sticky, sugary candies are bad for teeth. Most of us also likely know that sugary carbonated beverages are bad for teeth. But did you know that ice can also harm your teeth? And what about coffee? How bad (or good) is coffee for your teeth? Arming yourself with valuable information about the different foods you eat that can harm your teeth is the first step to taking control of your oral hygiene. And it may just be the most important step. Following is valuable information from top dentists in Clearwater regarding some of the most harmful foods for the health of your teeth and all their supportive structures.

Sticky foods

Not surprising, topping the list is sticky foods—and not just sugary ones. Yes, sticky candies that contain refined sugars are your teeth’s worst nightmare. However, any sticky foods are bad for your teeth. In fact, want to know the worst food for your teeth? Crackers. Yes, crackers are every bit as bad for your teeth, if not worse, than sugary candies. They promote bad bacteria in your mouth, and because they seem less harmful than candies, many of us don’t always brush like we need to after eating them. Choose instead foods that contain the vitamins and minerals your teeth need, particularly those that help to clean them out such as celery and carrots.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks often are loaded with sugar. Makes no sense, of course, since they really should be healthy—but most sports drinks contain more sugar than nearly any other ingredient. And though sports drinks can help boost energy for those who need it, sugar is just an unnecessary ingredient that can wreak havoc on your teeth. Be sure to check the label of all sports drinks before purchasing. Better idea—drink water. And if you feel you must drink sports drinks, always use a straw as this will cut down on how much sugar actually touches your teeth.


Foods You Eat That Can Harm Your Teeth Citrus
Great for your body—not so great for your teeth. Sadly, exposing your teeth to too many acid-containing foods will erode the enamel that protects them. This erosion of that enamel protection will leave your teeth susceptible to tooth decay. Limit citrus fruits, and always use a straw when drinking citrusy beverages.


Chewing ice is just plain bad for teeth. Though it may seem chewing ice would be good for teeth because its water, and your teeth need it, the truth is that chewing ice is like chewing on a jaw breaker only without the sugar. Your teeth are made to chew and grind, but they’re not supposed to be biting down on hard substances. This can cause traumatic events on your teeth. It can chip and break teeth, and it can damage the enamel that’s protecting your teeth. Better idea—drink your water; don’t chew it.


It’s not necessarily the coffee that’s bad for your teeth; it’s the sugar you’re likely adding to it. Try limiting the amount of sugar you add to your coffee (or tea). You may also want to consider limiting the amount of coffee you drink because drinking too much coffee will (not can, but will) discolor your teeth. If you drink more than one cup of coffee or tea per day, try substituting just one of those cups with a glass of water. Or, if you feel you must continue drinking more than a cup a day, rinse out your mouth with water following. Best idea of all, brush your teeth afterward and you’ll be fine.

You only get one set of teeth; you need to make them last your entire life. If you don’t take care of them now, you might be saying goodbye to them later. Do you really want to be putting your teeth in a glass beside your bed every night? If you’re eating a lot of foods that can harm your teeth, you may just get that opportunity. Limiting intake of foods that are bad for teeth and gums is important for their health. Observing proper oral hygiene is also important. And visiting a dentist twice yearly is equally important. Consult with a dentist near you for more valuable tips on how to make your teeth last a lifetime.