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Common Back Pain Questions

Here are ten important questions about common back pain that are asked often and answers to each.

The first question that most people ask about common back pains is what exactly is causing the pain. Strained and stretched muscles is one of the most common causes of back pain. Past injuries that may have damaged the tissue, muscle, or bones of the back is another culprit. A herniated or slipped disc can cause pain. Osteoporosis, obesity, long-term poor posture, and pregnancy are some other things that can cause back pain.

Many individuals wonder if and when they need to see the doctor about their pain. If the frequency or the severity seems to quickly increase you may want to go see someone. Numbness, tingling, or intense pain in any part of the body that does not seem to go away with rest is a sign that you should go see a doctor. A winter or injury that results in severe back pain should be dealt with right away. You may need immediate medical attention if your pain mixes with trouble urinating. Numbness, weight loss, weakness, or fever are all good signs that you need to see a back pain specialist in NJ.

It is good to know what things put you at risk for back pain. Age is a huge factor. Older individuals seem to have more back problems. Your fitness level and your diet can both have an effect on pain levels. Heredity can play a factor as well as race. Smoking cigarettes, other diseases, and risks at your work can all add to your risk factor when it comes to back pain. Being stuck in a chair all day that is not very comfortable with bad posture is a sure-fire way to end up with back pain fast.

Many want to know how a doctor is supposed to diagnose pain. X-Rays can reveal arthritis and problems with bone disease. CT scans, MRI tests, and Myleograms are also used to check for problems.

You are probably wondering what an MRI Test is and what it diagnose. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging test offers a clear and detailed picture to doctors of soft tissue that is near your cardiovascular system, bones, and various other organs. MRI’s help diagnose herniated discs and nerve damage without cutting a patient open.

Now that you know what an MRI is, you should be wondering what a CT Scan is used for. A Computerized Tomography creates detailed pictures than that of an old x-ray. Results can be used in diagnosing a bone disorder, or finding where a tumor is. Cancer and heart disease are visible on this little machine. It can even look to see if there is internal bleeding while getting pictures of internal injuries.

Now that you understand those two, you can learn about the Mylogram. It is another kind of x-ray that uses a contrast material to see what it is looking for. Usually spinal issues like infections, spinal stenosis, inflammations, spinal tumors, spinal lesions, and herniated discs.

Knowing what some non-surgical options that are commonly used for easing back pain could help you go a long way. You can use anti-inflammatory medication or powerful narcotic pain pills. Attending physical therapy classes are one of the best things you can do. On days that the pain is worse, limit your regular activities and relax.

Knowing what back injuries most likely to require surgery is important if you are looking for what to expect. A Compressed spinal cord, your disk degeneration, backbone fractures, nasty infections, back or neck tumors, herniated discs, pinched nerves, spinal deformations, and a case of spinal stenosis all most likely require having surgery. Pain radiating through your extremities, weakness, or losing control of your bladder and bowels all may require surgery.
Knowing what you can do to handle the back pain is a start but on some days it will be unbearable. Exercise regularly, stretch out your muscles before you use them, and keep a proper body weight. Sitting or standing in one spot for an extended period of time will likely be painful. Good posture is a must and not smoking can help too. With all these tips, hopefully you can find a way to get your back pain under control and get yourself back out doing the things you love.