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What is Liposuction?

weight loss
weight loss

Liposuction is just one of the modern cosmetic procedures available today. It is basically a technologically advanced method of removing fat from unwanted sections of the body. It is not a treatment for weight loss. It is typically used in those tougher areas which do not respond favorably to traditional methods like diet and exercise. These stubborn areas of fat can be safely removed through the liposuction process. Many people choose to use it on the most stubborn areas such as those around the abdomen, thighs, neck, back of the arms or the buttocks. Most of the time the procedure can be done in just one appointment but it is unsafe to remove too much fat from the body all at one time and so some patients have to have a couple of sessions to achieve the desired result. A plastic surgeon can discuss all the available options with a patient and work out a suitable treatment plan which will help them reach their goals.

Purpose of Liposuction

Liposuction is used to strategically remove isolated pockets of fat from various areas of the body so that the body is reshaped. The goal is to remove the extra pockets of fat so that the body will be contoured and proportional; this will yield a much more aesthetic appearance. Liposuction can be performed as a single application, or in conjunction with other types of cosmetic procedures. Some of the common procedures used along with liposuction include a tummy tuck, breast reduction or facelift. It is not used simply for weight loss or to treat obesity or cellulite. Liposuction offers a way to reshape the body so that it is aesthetically appealing. Most of the liposuction cases women pursue are for their hips or thigh areas. Men usually pursue liposuction for their back or waist. Each patient has their own individual goals for what they hope to achieve through the use of liposuction. By working closely with the plastic surgeon these goals can be reached through liposuction and other cosmetic procedures.

How the Procedure of Liposuction Works

A plastic surgeon will perform liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the body. They will first make some very small incisions in the skin that will heal and not be visible. Through the incision a small cannula is inserted. The cannula is a small tube which has a sucking action which will remove fat. The cannula is moved around strategically under the skin in order to remove targeted fat deposits from specific areas. The two most popular types of liposuction are the Ultrasound method and the tumescent method. The tumescent method involves injecting a specially designed saline solution under the skin. This solution will work to break up the fatty tissue so that the fat is easily removed. An ultrasound assisted liposuction uses ultrasound energy to liquefy fat so that it is easy to remove. In most cases liposuction can be performed in an office setting or a day surgery center. Occasionally it is performed in the outpatient clinic at a hospital. It will not involve an overnight stay at the hospital.

Other types of Liposuction Procedures

There are growing cases in which liposuction is the chosen cosmetic procedure. A gynecomastia is an abnormal enlargement of the male breast and liposuction can be used to help return them to a normal size. Liposuction can also be used for lipodystrophy which is a medical condition which affects the way fat is metabolized by the body. And recently liposuction has been used in the treatment of excessive sweating. Liposuction used in the arm pit can help reduce or eliminate excessive sweating.

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