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How to Reduce the Risk of Back Pain

Aerobic Exercise

There can be many different risk factors for developing back pain; some of them are controllable while factors like genetics or again which predispose an individual to a specific condition are not. It is not uncommon for back pain to strike an individual that has absolutely no risk factors at all. However, in most cases there are some things that can be done in order to protect oneself. Of course, it is always advisable to discuss any back pain with your primary care physician or other health care professional who is knowledgeable about spine health.

Occupational Hazards

It is not uncommon for individuals to injure their backs while on the job. Many jobs require workers to practice repetitive lifting or bending which can cause back injuries. Some positions require that an individual stands for long periods of time without taking any kind of a break; and it can be just as damaging sitting in an office chair hours on end. Many employers supply workers with belts or braces to help protect their backs, these should be worn when provided. If a job requires endless sitting, maintaining proper sitting posture will help prevent back injury or pain; and getting up to move around every 45 minutes or an hour can help prevent back pain.

Sedentary Lifestyles

Living a sedentary life can greatly increase the risk for back pain. Exercise helps to keep the back limber and strong. Keeping the back strong can be essential to preventing injury or back pain. Before beginning any exercise program always clear it with your physician. Something as simple as walking just 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week can help improve circulation, fitness and strengthen the back which can be essential to good spinal health. There are many exercises that can be beneficial for spinal health. Most suggest at least 150 hours of aerobic activity each week as well as strength training at least twice a week. For those who choose not to participate in regular exercise it can increase the risk of developing back pain or injury.


An individual who is carrying excessive weight is increasing the stress that is put on the back as well as their other joints. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the chances of injuring the back. It can also decrease the chances of developing many serious conditions.

Maintaining Proper Posture

It is essential for good spinal health that proper posture be a habit no matter what type of activities are being participated in. When walking it is essential to hold the back straight and keep the shoulders even with the hips. Remember to refrain from slouching when sitting as this can put a tremendous strain on the muscles in the back. Also consider your nighttime posture. Pay attention to the mattress on your bed and replace it when there are signs of wear and tear. Sleeping on the back or one side is preferable to sleeping on the stomach which can be stressful for the back. No matter what type of activity is being engaged in, proper posture is one way to help protect your back and keep you out of the physician’s office.

Deal With Stress

Stress can make the body tense and this can make one more prone to injury. Use whatever methods are effective for properly handling stress. For some, yoga or meditation is effective. Others take relaxing walks or practice deep breathing exercise. Talk about any frustrations with a friend or counselor. There are many effective ways to handle stress in healthy ways. Dealing properly with stress will also help reduce the chances of developing related back pain.

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