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Cosmetic Weight Loss Procedures

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It used to be that only the rich and famous like celebrities who had the opportunity to take advantage of these types of cosmetic weight loss procedures. Today cosmetic weight loss procedures are very accessible as well as more affordable and many more people are opting for the benefits of these physical changes. Making the choice to pursue a weight loss surgery is a huge decision and even after the decision is made there can be several different choices. It is advisable to discuss all the possible and reasonable options with a plastic surgeon that can help a patient choose which is the most appropriate treatment option.

Two Basic Types of Weight Loss Surgeries

Cosmetic weight loss procedures fall into two categories. They are either restrictive or malabsorptive. Occasionally the two are combined to make a single treatment option. A restrictive weight loss surgery will work by restricting the stomach size and slowing down the process of digestion. A stomach normally holds about 3 pints but post surgery it will only hold about an ounce. It will stretch out after awhile to hold 2 or 3 ounces. The premise behind these types of methods is that when the stomach is smaller the patient cannot eat very much and this will translate into lost weight. A malabsorptive procedure is usually more invasive and it will change the way food is taken into the body and how it is processed. Not only will these types of procedures restrict the stomach size, it will also remove parts of the digestive tract so that the body cannot easily absorb calories.

Different Procedures which May be Recommended for Weight Loss

The adjustable gastric band is the least invasive of all the weight loss procedures. The band squeezes the stomach in two even though they remain connected. The band cuts off the ease of flow between the two sections and slows down the process of the food passing from the upper portion to the bottom. This cosmetic weight loss procedure is one of the simplest methods and it is among the safest options for weight loss. Recovery is quicker and it can be surgically reversed should the patient desire to do so.

Gastric bypass surgery is a very common weight loss procedure. It has two options as it can be a minimally invasive procedure or a full open surgery. This procedure combines both a restrictive and a malabsorptive approach. The stomach is divided into two parts by the surgeon and the lower section is sealed off. The upper portion of the stomach is then attached directly to the small intestine and skips some of the digestive tract. This means that fewer calories will be absorbed into the body. This cosmetic weight loss surgery is designed to impair the ability of the body to absorb food. It can cause very fast weight loss but can also put a patient at risk for various nutritional deficiencies. This procedure is not reversible except in very rare cases. This surgery is a permanent change in the way the body digests foods.

A sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive weight loss procedure. The surgery can be done with a laparoscope and about three fourths of the stomach is removed. The piece of the stomach that is left is a narrow tube, or a sleeve that connects directly to the intestines. This is sometimes an initial step in a series of weight loss procedures or surgeries. Many times a sleeve gastrectomy is followed up with another surgical procedure, but when it is effective it can be used alone. This is a great choice for a person who is too obese or too ill to have a full open surgery. It is very low risk and a much simpler surgery than some of the other types of cosmetic weight loss surgeries.

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