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Cosmetic Treatments for Wrinkles

Eternal youth has been humankind’s quest for centuries, but it’s never been more within reach than today. Millions of us are looking for treatment options that will make us look younger, make us feel more attractive, and give us an edge in our personal or professional lives. Of course, there is good news and bad news about cosmetic treatments for wrinkles. The bad news is that some of them—many of them, in fact—don’t work. The good news is that there are many cosmetic treatments available today that do work. As a matter of fact, thanks to the myriad cosmetic treatments available for wrinkles in our modern world, aging has never looked so good! From Botox and fillers to peels and microdermabrasions, following is information from top cosmetic center in New Jersey about today’s affordable cosmetic treatment options that just may help you look and feel younger than you have in years.  If you are looking for more information about dermatology treatments contact a  cosmetic center near you for more information.


Botulinum toxin, more commonly referred to as ‘Botox,’ is an effective cosmetic treatment. It is a muscle poison that, in essence, paralyzes muscle that produce those nasty little frown lines many of us have been trying to get rid of for years. It also does quick work on fine lines around and other wrinkles around the eyes and on other areas of the face. Its effects can last several months, meaning Botox treatments must be repeated in order to sustain the more youthful appearance achieved. Botox has been deemed safe, as the muscle poison does not spread to other areas of the body.


Fillers are injections that are used on the skin in order to flatten folds and wrinkles, as well as to increase volume. Perhaps the most widely used filler in the past has been collagen, but newer filler cosmetic treatments have become popular in recent years. These include Juvederm and Restylane, which are hyaluronic acid treatments; Sculptra, which is a lactic acid treatment; and Radiesse, which is a calcium hydroxylapatite. A cosmetic center near you will be able to explain the benefits and risks associated with each of these treatments.


Microdermabrasion is a type of ‘skin sanding.’ Don’t be alarmed by that phrase, because this treatment is used to actually make your skin feel smoother. Millions of women exfoliate their skin on a nightly basis, and microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliant used to help smooth out skin problems. However, this type of treatment, though effective for making the skin feel smoother, may not offer the level of result for those of us who are looking to reduce wrinkles.

Plastic surgery

Cosmetic Treatments for Wrinkles botox
Plastic surgery has been around for decades now, and millions have found a level of ‘fountain of youth’ from these procedures. Brow lifts, facelifts, and other surgical procedures can be quite effective if you’re searching for a means of reducing or even eliminating wrinkles. It’s important to know that these procedures do not last forever. Their results will not keep you from aging normally. As you age, you likely will need subsequent procedures. However, the effects of plastic surgery do tend to last much longer than other cosmetic treatments. Consult with your doctor about the cosmetic surgery options available, and whether any of them will be right for you.

Laser resurfacing

Lasers are now being used in cosmetic treatments, and their results can be quite impressive. In laser resurfacing, a laser is passed a number of times over a selected area until the skin’s second layer is reached. This procedure can stimulate the body’s production of natural collagen, which works to ‘plump’ wrinkles and sagging skin. With laser resurfacing, it’s important to know that healing time can take weeks or even months. Again, consult with a cosmetic center near you in order to learn further details about laser resurfacing and all the other cosmetic treatments available for wrinkles.

‘Aging gracefully’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept every bit of crow’s feet or wrinkles you find, and it surely doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it. In fact, aging gracefully probably is more about how you feel on the inside than how you look on the outside. And even if humankind is still searching for that ever-elusive fountain of youth, today we have a number of cosmetic treatment options available for wrinkles and all the other skin challenges that come with aging. Contact a cosmetic center near you for a consultation in order to learn more about which cosmetic treatment will be right for you.