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Are There Lifestyle Limitations After Vasectomy?

Vasectomy procedure
No Sperm Sign

Lifestyle is a term generally applied to the way we live and its effect on our health. Lifestyle includes the number of hours we work, the amount we sleep, the foods we eat, the alcohol other beverages we drink, the tobacco we smoke, the amount we party, the time we spend with our family, the amount of stress we place in our own lives, how much we exercise and more.  Our respective lifestyles have some unique components, as well as some common elements that cross cultural boundaries.  Most of us want a lifestyle that ultimately promotes mental and physical well-being.

Men who choose to have vasectomy, most often, but not always, have chosen a lifestyle that involves children.   Again often, but not always, my patients tend to be fairly healthy, with a stable routine, at least a moderate amount of exercise, and a reasonable diet.  They tend not to smoke or party to excess. Children are commonly regarded as a stabilizing factor in one’s life.

So, is there any change in lifestyle after vasectomy?  Maybe not directly.  But, for some people, the ability to take control over their reproduction improves things.  Let’s face it, children require your attention, your time, and your energy.  They can be source of pride, of joy, of humor, but they are also, at times, a source of conflict and they are expensive.  For many families the ability to be able to reasonably forecast their family obligations and expenses is a major advantage.  It affords an ability to set aside and plan for education, to plan for vacations as well as purchases.

Are there any other lifestyle changes?   Probably the biggest change concerns sex, specifically its spontaneity.   The act of sex itself is very similar after vasectomy. The sensation of ejaculation is essentially unchanged; the only thing missing from the ejaculate is the sperm.  Erections are also not affected by vasectomy and the procedure itself has no direct effect on libido or sex drive.

But the spontaneity of sex is different. People formerly burdened by the need to “be careful” and “make sure” are liberated after vasectomy to have “worry free” sex with their partners.  Some patients even report that their sex life comes back after their procedure.  They simply have more and better sex, without the apprehension.  That lack of worry sometimes actually also improves the desire for sex both in the man and his partner.


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