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What is Kinesio-Taping?


You might think that a Chiropractor just deals with adjusting your back, and while with some Top chiropractors in Clifton that may be true. But, with other more specialized and modern chiropractors, they will also offer other services such as Kinesio Taping, This might sound like a fairly new term to you, but I think once you learn a little bit more about what this is, the benefits of it, and essentially what types of issues it can help with, you might start to understand why this is such a beneficial treatment for your aches and pains. First a little bit about Kinesio taping: Kinesiology tape is a really thin and very stretchy material made from a cotton strip and adhesive.

Sounds simple right? This specific tape is unlike anything you have tried before because it’s specifically used with sports injuries such as sprains and pulls, but it also helps with inflammatory issues and conditions as well. The tape itself is very similar to human skin, in both its thickness, as well as its elasticity. Unlike other tapes, where you can actually feel them constricting your injured area, or you can feel how uncomfortable the binding is against your skin, this is a more natural and comfortable tape that won’t bind, wont constrict and it also won’t constrict your movement. Things like wraps for sprains do, without a doubt, constrict your movement, but this tape does not.

This tape might sound like some new age technology, but it’s really not. In fact, it’s been used for over a 20 years. It was first used by medical practitioners in Japan for the same reasons listed in this article. By 1988 the Japanese Olympic team and other pro athletes started using the tape for all the benefits that the medical practitioners used it for. Suddenly, this tape started to spread like wildfire throughout the world – not just in Japan and not just for professional athletes. Soon everyone started to use this type of tape for all sorts of reasons. It’s now the reason people like you can also use this tape – non-professional sport member or not.

Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

Any Top chiropractors will tell you that the benefits for outweigh the negatives. In fact, most people will tell you that they don’t even see any negatives in this tape. Its non-evasive, non-surgical, it doesn’t have any kind of a medicine or cream on it; it’s also about how your body works and works with the tape to be honest. The benefits of using this tape are numerous, but they include:

Pain Relief: This pain works with relieving pain through two mechanisms; neurological pain and physical pain. When you lift the tape up off the area in question, it relieves pressure on the pain receptors which lay underneath the skin. This allows for very quick relief from severe pain and aches. On the other hand, if you injure something like your wrist – a sprain for instance, and it heals but the pain really never goes away, this is chronic pain. This type of pain is also alleviated using the tape. The really nice thing about this tape is that it can be left on for 5 whole days, 24 hours a day.

educed Swelling, Inflammation and Bruising: When you get an injury, you usually get 2 if not all three of these issues. Thankfully, this tape can help with these problems and can help reduce pressure on your lymphatic draining channels. These channels are what causes things like hematomas from happening underneath he skin – you get injured, the channel becomes swollen which creates pressure and the blood essentially gets stuck under the skin because it has nowhere else to ago. This KT tape can help with that. This tape can also help with other “issues” besides injuries such as arthritis.

Fatigued Muscles: Over use of muscles can cause fatigue because of things like sports or exercising. Cramps and stiffness happen because of lactic acid building up in your muscles and joints – this can cause a lot of issues and sometimes even makes people stop exercising until it goes away. But, if you want to speed up the process, you can use KT tape to do so.

Continued Activities: With most wraps like those tannish brown wraps you buy for a few bucks in the grocery store, really create a sense of constriction. You can’t really do anything with them on. However, since KT tape is made like how your skin is made and its non-constricting, you can go back to enjoying your everyday activities – whether you are a tennis player and want to continue on playing matches or your just a mom that works from home and wants to be able to type without some big bandage in the way, KT tape can help.

The best thing you can do today is to talk to a Top chiropractor in Clifton and ask them if they think this Is a good option for your needs. You can also talk about how to place it on your injured area to get the best benefits and also where to buy it. But, for the most part there are 2 types of tape. The first type is a cotton material. The second is a synthetic material. The first one can be used for very minor injuries. The second one is a PRO edition and is best suited for things like sprains or parts of your body that may have a broken bone but doctors can’t really do anything about it – such as a broken toe. The PRO edition also allows for even more movement than the regular edition and it comes in different colors if that is important to you.

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