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What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Traditional medicine looks only at the absence of disease as the definition of being healthy. Most of the time, doctors simply treat the symptoms of a disease or try to detect them early on so that they can be treated with traditional medications. Anti-aging medicine is more concerned about the whole person and achieving optimal health. It looks at and considers factors which are physical, but also factors in emotional and mental health aspects. Anti-aging medicine considers hormones, toxins, organ systems, as well as nutrition and stress factors in developing optimal health that will also be effective at preventing disease.

Backed by Evidence

Anti-aging medicine concentrates on using advanced medical and scientific technologies to detect, prevent, treat and reverse age-related disorders, diseases and dysfunctions. The goal is to prolong an individual’s health lifespan. It is based on sound medical and scientific principles which are aimed at preventive health practices. Anti-Aging medicine is scientific and backed by scientific evidence. Treatment plans are developed using orderly processes that collect data through an objective assessment so that effective treatment can be developed. The National Library of Medicine currently has over 3000 peer-reviewed articles which cover the topic of anti-aging medicine.

Treatment Styles

Traditional medicine has its focus on diagnosing diseases and then treating the symptoms. Anti-aging medicine takes an entirely different approach. It looks at the whole being – a holistic approach. Treatment options will incorporate lifestyle changes, natural supplements, bioidentical hormones and other holistic means to bring about health for the entire person, not simply mask symptoms temporarily. The focus is on optimal health and longevity. This does not mean that pain and other symptoms are ignored, but that they are simply treated using a different mindset and approach. Those who undergo treatment with a physician who practices anti-aging medicine will usually regain their lives, energy and vitality along with being relieved of various aches and pains. They typically experience mental clarity, increased physical strength and performance. This is all achieved through various changes to diet and lifestyle as well as medicinal strategies.

Who Benefits From Anti-Aging Medicine?

No one is too young to benefit from anti-aging medicine and the positive lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, proper hormone balance and fitness. Anyone who is motivated to make these types of positive lifestyle changes can begin to reap the benefits. The typical client in many cases are those who are in their 40s and 50s who have begun experiencing fatigue, mood swings, aches and pains, become irritable, gained weight or have memory loss. Anti-aging medicine frequently addresses the needs of those individuals. However, it is important to note that the lifestyle changes needed for longevity are worth starting at a much younger age.  Anti aging medicine also aims to give you a younger appearance so that you will not only feel younger and healthier but have a more youthful look as well, one way that this is done is through taking proper care of your skin, using the right sun block to prevent sun damage and doing other things to maintain skin health

What Types of Results are Common?

Each individual is very different and may respond differently. Treatment programs should also be customized to meet individual needs. Most people who visit an anti-aging medical professional experience a wide range of improvements. These can include enhanced libido, no more mood swings, improved memory, more energy and strength. The end result will be that they will find greater productivity in their home life as well as their work. Many people also experience other physical improvements in their nails, skin and hair.

Many people who have observed the positive lifestyle changes through anti-aging medicine find that they can reduce their medications. It is common for individuals to have far less aches and pains, as well as less gas or bloating than before. Many find that they have a greater bone density, relief from migraines and arthritis. Most individuals find that they have a much fuller and more enjoyable life when they follow the advice of a NJ anti-aging medical professional. Check with you local doctor for recommended aging and skin treatments.