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How to get new medical device approved?

medical device compliance
medical device compliance

If you are trying to market a medical device, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, must clear your product for medical compliance. There is a rigorous process and there are fees involved as well. Medical devices can fall under three separate classes that are relevant to the FDA compliance approval process, and, in the following, they are explained in much greater detail. Getting a medical device approved can be done a couple of different ways.


After you put together your creation, you must determine what classification it is. The three classes are simply known as class I, II, and III. What property earns the devices this classification is usually the risk it offers users. The lowest level, class I, is associated with devices that are not harmful to consumers in any way. Tongue depressors and thermometers are both types of class I devices. These have a relatively easy procedure to follow to get approved by the FDA.