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How to Avoid Back Pain

Avoid Back Pain
Avoid Back Pain

Back pain has become the most prevalent type of pain plaguing Americans. More than 100 million people throughout the country report having experienced back pain, with nearly half of those stating their pain occurs on a chronic basis. And back pain treatment in New Jersey has risen to the top of the list of all medical therapy. Some back pain is unavoidable, such as pain that comes with an accident or illness. However, other types of back pain can be alleviated, eliminated, or even avoided altogether. Measures taken such as exercising, correct lifting techniques, and using the proper chair can help stop back pain before it starts. Here are some steps you can take to ward off back pain, even if you’ve experienced it in the past.


One of the biggest buzzwords in the tness industry these days is ‘core muscles.’ Your core includes those muscles in the abdominal and back regions, and keeping them in good shape is imperative to your health. Building core muscle groups can have a significantly positive effect on back pain. There are myriad activities you can participate in that will aid in shaping up and strengthening core muscles. Some of these include low-impact aerobics, Pilates, walking, spinning, cross-country skiing, swimming, and water aerobics. Swimming and water aerobics are especially beneficial to those suffering from back pain because they not only provide optimal exercise that combines cardio with strength training, but it’s also very easy on joints and sore muscles.

Proper lifting techniques

You’ve heard it before, and it’s the best advice for lifting ever … lift with your legs. The fact is that few activities can harm your back more than lifting an object incorrectly, even if you don’t consider the object to be heavy. When lifting something, don’t stand too far away from it. Move your body as close to the object as you can in order to gain stability. Be sure to stand with your feet at shoulder width. Never bend straight over, but instead squat down and wrap your arms around the object in order to grip it tightly and properly. Next, use the power you have in your legs to lift yourself and the object. This way, you’re not putting too much strain on any one part of your body, but instead combining all of the strongest forces in your body to lift the object.

Sit pretty

Sitting, especially for long periods of time, can take a serious toll on your back. And if you’re not sitting correctly or you’re using the wrong chair for your situation, that’s a triple whammy. Whether you spend a significant amount of time sitting at a desk or traveling in your car, you need to sit properly and you need to have the right seating. If you’re someone who suffers from back pain and you’re looking to purchase a new car, think big. The more room you have inside the car to adjust and readjust your seating, the better. While driving, be sure to adjust your seat to the proper alignment for your height and positioning with the controls. Don’t sit too far back that you have to reach forward to grasp the steering wheel. If you spend long periods of time sitting at a desk, be sure the chair you use properly supports every region of your back. A foot rest can also help to alleviate back pain or avoid it altogether, since it takes some of the burden off your spine. Finally, whether you’re at work or you’re driving, always take regular breaks to get up, stretch, walk around, and get your blood circulating.

Sleep well

Since most people spend about a third of their lives sleeping, it’s important to have the right mattress with the proper level of support. A mattress that can be adjusted on both sides often is ideal because both partners can create the level of support they need. If you have the type of mattress that needs to be turned over periodically, be sure to turn it about twice a year for optimal support.

Back pain can take a serious toll on your health, both physically and emotionally. People who experience back pain on a regular basis tend to go through life with a lot less energy and enthusiasm than those who are able to avoid it altogether. If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you likely are willing to take all the necessary measures to avoid experiencing it in the future, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. For a better life that includes more energy and less pain, employ some of the steps above to prevent it before it starts. If you find that you’re still experiencing back pain even after you’ve made some of these adjustments, contact a spine surgeon in New Jersey for further information about back pain treatments.

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