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Common Laser Skin Treatments

Common Laser Skin TreatmentsLaser skin treatments are not performed just for cosmetic purposes. Some treatments are performed to rectify a skin condition such as acne or excessive facial hair. Corrective practices are also performed following skin grafting procedures to help reduce or eliminate the prominence of scar showing on the face. In a few cases, these skin treatments are used to correct scarring left from sports injuries, vehicle accident injuries and personal injury attacks. Regardless of the reason, there are treatments that are recommended by some cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey to help those with complexes regarding scarring.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This treatment is done to fix damaged areas of the top layer, or epidermis, of the face. The abrasive procedure takes the skin down to the dermal layer. During the procedure, the dermal layer is stimulated to promote healthy cell growth. The end result is a smoother look and feel to the skin.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the laser treatment may go further than just the epidermis. Medium and deep treatments are also used to correct the more severe cases. For some, this can be a form of skin cancer prevention to remove the affected cells and allow for healthy, new cells to surface. This process is often called dermabrasion or micro dermabrasion.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Men and women alike often seek out laser facial hair removal procedures. For women, this can be due to a high testosterone level in the body or from a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Some women do have a small amount of facial hair that grows in darker than it should, simply due to genetics. Laser hair removal is a simple solution, with several treatments being scheduled, to help women keep the razors off of their faces.

Some men prefer to keep a baby face look. For this purpose, they can schedule a consultation for laser facial hair removal procedures. This is purely cosmetic and for their own personal preference, not for any medical reason. The same process is used for men, but given their naturally high testosterone levels, a series of strong treatments will be scheduled.

Acne Scar Removal

As teens, acne plagues millions of faces. Some teens prefer to pick the acne, which causes scarring, rather than let the blemishes pop and drain on their own. Some of the scarring, or pock marks, can be very deep. Removing the scars is a process, but it can be done via cosmetic laser surgery.

This is one of the laser skin treatments that have a variety of benefits. Skin infections can happen when dirt, oil and contaminants settle into the craters in the skin. This is a preventative procedure as well as a corrective procedure.

Surgical Scar Removal

In the event of an injury or facial surgery, not all scars are going to be invisible. There is a laser skin treatment option that can help reduce the visual appearance of surgical scars. The process only takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the scar or scars being treated.

This is a pain free treatment, with just a slight tingling being the described feeling after the procedure. Recovery time is minimal and the side effects are also minimal with dry or uneven skin tanning being the major complaints.

Skin Tightening

Aging skin loses collagen. With that being said, areas of the skin around the chin and jaw line can appear to be loose or sagging. There are tightening processes that make it seem like a collagen treatment had been performed recently. What this does is stimulate the skin using lasers to rejuvenate muscle reactions and plump skin tissue.

Another reason to seek laser skin treatments is following cosmetic weight loss procedures to hide or reduce the visibility of scars. It is a common practice to have incision and staple scars removed to create the perfect body that many desire. In NJ, and other areas of the US, BBL laser and other treatments are available to help those with skin problems or excessive facial hair to regain some of their self-confidence back. Most procedures are so minor that returning to work later that day or the next day is absolutely possible. Some procedures are purely a want, but there are those that are needed for proven medical reasons.

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