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Alternative Migraine Treatments

Alternative Migraine TreatmentsLet’s be honest, migraines suck.  Headaches are pretty horrible too, but no one really knows how bad a migraine is unless you have had one and then you treasure every single day you don’t have one.  The second you start feeling one coming on or you get those black spots in front of your eyes, all you can think is “Oh no, here we go again!”  With some migraines, they are worse than headaches, but pretty easy to get rid of, but sometimes you have those migraines that just don’t quit or worse – they happen at the most inopportune times.  If you don’t want to have to live with migraines or you don’t want to have to build your life around them, there are a few different treatments you can consider.  They range from Chiropractic Care to Alternative Medicine, to Eating certain foods, and more.  Be sure to continue reading below if you want to stop allowing migraines to rule your world.


Home Remedies

Some people seem to think that home remedies, are shall we say, bupkiss.  That they don’t work and that are something that someone invented to make you believe that you don’t need a doctor to get rid of migraines.  Well, I’m not saying it can cure them completely, but home remedies or natural remedies are a quick and easy way to get rid of those pesky headaches and migraines for those temporary moments when you can’t get to a doctor right away.  Home remedies usually incorporate herbs or essences to help with things like migraines.  Here are a few options to look for if you got a migraine suddenly out of the blue:

– Lavender:  These days there are a lot of nice smelling home fragrances that include lavender.  It does smell good, but it can also be a great option to get rid of migraines or headaches if you can’t get to a doctor or Chiropractor in Paterson right away.  Simply place 2-3 drops of it into 3 cups of boiling water and inhale the vapors from it.  You can also get the oil of essence and massage it into the temples and neck to help alleviate the pain that comes from migraines.

– Peppermint:  Another good smelling remedy, this one uses peppermint which has actually shown benefits to things like migraines and tension headaches.  This oil has the ability to get rid of migraine and headache pain through vaso constructing and vaso dilating attributes, these properties help control the flow of blood to the body which is great because most headaches and migraines happen due to loss of blood flow or poor blood flow.  Peppermint can be breathed in as is, or you can also use it like the lavender above, and rub it into your temples or neck.

– Feverfew:  This item first became really popular back in the 80s when a study was done in Great Britain where people who were suffering from headaches and migraines found relief in feverfew – actually over 70% of the participants said it helped them.  As the name states, this is used to help treat fevers, but it can also help with head pain and aches.  Feverfew can be found in various forms, but the tea one is the easiest one to use.


Chiropractor Treatments

If you think the home remedies are fake or don’t work, that’s okay, because there are many options for people with headaches and migraines.  The next option to consider is a Chiropractor.  Chiropractors are great because they can help align misaligned ligaments and vertebras, as well as work tension away from tissue and muscles and so much more.  Depending on the Chiropractor you visit, they will offer a variety of treatments.  Make sure the one you go to specifically deals with headaches and migraines.  People seem to think that Chiropractors just deal with back pain, but that’s so far from the truth!  They deal with a variety of treatments and undergo extensive and varying training to help patients with whatever types of pain and aches they are having in whatever parts of their bodies.  Chiropractors will usually offer things like adjustments, spinal manipulation as well as offer advice on things like ergonomic products to keep your back and neck aligned, relaxation tips, exercise techniques and much more.


Acupuncture Treatments

This is another option that has been around for thousands of years, but it is considered an alternative medicine.  Acupuncture started over 2500 years ago and is primarily based on Chinese traditions in the medicinal field.  They believe that your energy or chi, circulates around specific parts of your body or as we like to refer to them as; pressure points.  Acupuncture sounds a lot scarier than it is, so it’s a good idea to read up on this one a little more, find some videos on YouTube, ask for referrals from your other practitioners, ask friends, etc.  Essentially pressure points are used by way of hair thin needles that are interested along the pressure points on your body.  They help to balance and restore the energy or chi in your body and can help with all sorts of issues; headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, increasing circulation, helping with nausea from chemotherapy and more.  The treatment tends to be very quiet and comfortable and usually lasts for several sessions over the period of several weeks or months depending on what your problem is, but some people notice a difference from their very first visit.

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