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Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

An astute writer once wrote, “Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of birth, for she has held a star.” Of course, if you’re a woman who’s ever been pregnant, you just know it was a man who said this! Sure, having a baby is a wonderful time in your life, but what about all the pain that comes with it? And contractions are only the half of it! Of all the pains women report experiencing during pregnancy, back pain tops the list for causing the most negative impacts on their daily activities. Pregnant women still need to get things done in their lives. They often have other children they must parent, business meetings they must attend, and everyday activities that aren’t going to get done unless they address them head-on. But when that pregnancy back pain comes on, it can have the power to keep you down for hours. If you’re a pregnant woman who’s experiencing back pain, here’s more information from top spine specialists in New Jersey about the causes of your pain and, more importantly, tips to help ease that pain and get you back to your active life.

back pain And pregnancy

How to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

It seems kind of obvious but pregnancy puts a lot of strain on a woman’s back for a variety of reasons. Experts say that most pregnant women experience back pain and that this pain starts in the second half of the pregnancy. Pregnancy back pain starts where the pelvis meets your spine, at something called the sacroiliac joint. If you have any concerns about back pain and pregnancy you should consult a top spine specialist in New Jersey spinal specialists are experts at diagnosing and preventing back pain and they can suggest, pregnancy safe methods of preventing back pain during pregnancy. There are five common causes behind pregnancy back pain in women.

How to Keep Skin Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Skin HealthSkin professionals and will tell you, pregnancy puts some strain on your skin. While carrying your bundle of joy will probably be worth it, don’t be surprised by bouts of acne, unwanted hair growth and other skin problems that only happen because of pregnancy.

What you might not know is that there are certain skincare products that aren’t safe to use and you might want some professional guidance on what products you can use.  When you are thinking of becoming pregnant or right after you hear the joyous news you should consult a dermatologist in NJ for advice, but in the meantime here are some tips on keeping your skin healthy during a pregnancy.