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Ambulatory Centers or Hospitals for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is quite a lot of research to be done as well as contemplation if this is the right choice for your needs or wants and consultations. There might be one specific thing you might not be thinking about when it comes to cosmetic surgery though; what is the best setting for your surgery to be done? If you thought you only had one option available to you which would be a hospital, you are wrong! The other option you have available to you is an ASC or ambulatory surgery center. ASC’s are advanced health care facilities that offer same day surgery and surgical care. It’s more of a time saver than anything else, but note that you can’t just get any surgical procedure done here, it has to be under strict guidelines of what can and cannot be done in an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Of course these centers offer more than just convenience, they are cost efficiency and the ability to recuperate at home rather than in a hospital setting.

Sanitary Environment

Most hospitals are taking care of hundreds if not thousands of patients at a time – all there for different reasons, with different infections, different diseases and different time spans. With a ambulatory surgery center, you don’t have to worry about any of this because it IS an outpatient program which means no one stays in the center for more time than they have to or for overnight. With a hospital you can just never be too sure who your room mate is or what they are there for. But, with an ambulatory surgery center you don’t have to worry about those stressful thoughts.

Cost of Setting

With a hospital, you have to consider the dozens of doctors and surgeons available in the location, as well as the hospital itself. If you have ever been to a hospital for a simple or complex issue, you probably got your bill in the mail and were flabbergasted at the cost. It happens often. But, with a ambulatory surgery center because they are usually private centers that are privately owned and they don’t have to deal with things like overnight stays, overnight nurses or overnight food plans, they can afford to charge less for surgeries and treatments. In fact, most stats tell us that ambulatory surgery centers tend to charge anywhere between 25% to 45% less than a hospital would for a simple surgery like cosmetic surgery. It might not seem like a lot at first, but if you figure out all the costs of a hospital setting and subtract that small percentage, you will begin to see that ambulatory surgery centers are much less costly and much more affordable than a hospital setting. It’s ultimately the forefront runner of frontier healthcare.

Location Location Location!

Most of the hospitals you see nowadays are located in heavy trafficked areas such as downtown or metropolis sections of the city. This leads to stressful situations, a lot of traffic, and a lot more crowds that you really wish you didn’t have to deal with on the day of your surgery. This sounds like a really horrific way to start your day if you have a surgery planned. Instead, wouldn’t you rather find a location close to home, not have to deal with a lot of traffic and be more relaxed during your surgery? If so, then an ambulatory surgery center just might be a better option for your needs. In fact, most of the 6000 locations of these centers across the US are in suburban areas which means they cost less to get to, they are less stressful to get to, and they are quicker to get to so you can get your surgery done and go home. Speaking of going home…

No Overnight Stays

Pretty much any reason you go to a hospital, you will be told you have to stay overnight. Now, whether it actually be for your safety or just so you can get charged more, is unknown. But, with a location like an ACS you don’t have to worry about overnight stays or how much it’s going to cost you because these are outpatient services. You basically get an OK from your health provider than going to an ACS would be okay for your specific surgery, you go in for a consultation, set up a schedule to get it done, and leave on the same day you get the surgery. This means that you don’t need to take unnecessary time off of work, you don’t need to worry about how much it’s going to cost you to stay overnight, or who is going to take care of your kids, pets or your plants. You get the surgery, recuperate in a private room for as long as it takes you to recuperate and you go home. It’s as simple as that and not stressful in the least!

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