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What is Cool Sculpting?

CoolSculptingCool Sculpting is a cosmetic weight loss procedure that does not require surgery. Several treatments are scheduled to ensure the results that a patient wants to see can be achieved. Exercise and diet are unable to successfully eliminate fat cells the way that stimulating them can. Fat is very stubborn and simple dieting and lifestyle changes is often not enough. Seeking treatment is the ideal option. This is the most natural solution to getting rid of unwanted fat on the body.

How Cool Sculpting is used

Cool Sculpting is used for removing unwanted body fat without surgery. It is the least invasive treatment option with the least amount of risk for side effects. What Cool Sculpting does is melt away fat without the use of suction or incisions. Fat cells are disrupted through stimulation which causes them to melt away.

Applicators are applied to the affected area to deliver the cooling effect, beginning the fat cell freezing process. Over time, the thickness of the fat layer is reduced. Within two months, patients are able to see an absolute change in their body where fat deposits were present.

FDA Approval for the Procedure

The FDA approved this procedure in 2010. This followed a human study in 2009 and several animal studies in previous years. There are two devices used for this procedure and both gained approval for use on humans. Venture capitalists provided the funding for the studies and device development with the intention of the process being approved.

Who is Eligible?

Those that are ideal candidates for this procedure are those that are healthy and maintain a healthy or safe body weight. It is not for those with excessive body fat as this is not a means for weight loss. The procedure is for those that live healthy lifestyles, eat healthy and exercise who suffer from trouble areas such as saddle bags, flabby arms and thigh fat. Essentially, this is just a spot reduction of fat.


Special lasers and devices are connected to trouble areas of the body to cool fat cells. What this does is kill them, preventing them from rebuilding and growing in the body. Cooling the cells freezes them. Skin cells are not disrupted and remain healthy. Once the fat cells become crystallized, they die off. The body recognizes this and expels them naturally. This process takes several months for total results to be seen. Multiple treatments are generally required.

Recovery Time

Patients are generally able to return to normal activities the same day. A few hours of rest to let the process of killing fat cells to begin is required. From start to finish, the process, including time in recovery, should not be more than two to three hours.  This process does not affect the body the way that liposuction and other fat reduction procedures does.

Risks/Potential Side Effects

Side effects are minimal if they are experienced at all. The most common complaints following this procedure include light bruising and slight numbness in the treated area. The aggressive stimulation of the fat cells is the cause for any numbness experienced. Any side effects, such as sensory depletion, are temporary. It can take the body up to 6 months to completely recover depending on a person’s overall health. None of the side effects that can be experienced following this procedure are permanent in any way.


The average expectation for fat reduction is 20-percent following the first procedure. Initially the body will seem to have lost a lot of weight from fat. With some swelling to be expected, this can reduce a bit to appear as no changes were achieved. With a few treatments over the course of 6 – 9 months, roughly 20 – 30 pounds of isolated fatty areas diminish.

For those that have a small amount of fat or fatty pockets on the body, this is an ideal process. There are no anesthetics used and you are not required to take someone along to drive you home. While results are not immediate, the gradual natural removal of dead fat cells is seen over a short amount of time. It makes the procedure seem as if it were just you working hard with diet and exercise to correct those stubborn areas. In the NJ area, the winter months are the ideal time to have this procedure completed as it is a time when a few pounds are typically gained.

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