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Types of Massages Offered By Chiropractors

Remedial MassageMassage is a really easy and amazing way to relax and unwind from any stress in your life.  But, did you know that you don’t have to go to a massage therapist to actually get one?  In fact, if you want someone that is really trained in helping the body heal and has experience and training in the musculoskeletal section of your body which is your knees, all parts of your back, hip and pelvic bones, neck, head and even your arms, you are better suited to see a Chiropractor in Paterson .  Massage can help with all sorts of things besides just being relaxing, it can also speed up the recovery process from an injury or an illness, it can help reduce stress in your life, improve circulation, balance and increase your metabolism as well.  When it comes to a Chiropractorf in Paterson, they will probably offer a variety of different massage services, so it’s a good idea to know what each one is, how it benefits you and your body and what is involved in the process.  Below, we will be going over each type, benefits, process, etc. 


Remedial Massage

This is one of the most common types of massages available.  This can be as gentle, strong, deep, or soft as you want or need it to be.  The great thing about a massage from a Chiropractor is that they don’t just massage your body and you are done.  They deal with the biomechanics of your body, how it works, finding any interruptions or dysfunctions in the body, and then they are able to heal the body and get rid of the symptoms that come from those disorders or diseases.  There are also some very specialized techniques that only a Chiropractor would be aware of that involve the ability to find and repair damage to things like muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints in the body.  Some of the techniques you will learn about in remedial massage are going to be deep pressure, longitudinal strokes and trigger points.


Sports Massage

This is a really great option for people that are professional athletes or for people that are just involved in sports and outdoor/indoor activities.  Once in a while you might have something happen where you have an injury (big or small) such as a torn ham string or even a broken angle that will require that you visit a Chiropractor to help with rehabilitation.  Sports massages are the option you would choose in these cases because they deal with a therapeutic massage technique that helps stretch and compress the different parts of your body that may be stressed or injured.  This is also a type of massage that helps deal with tissue that is injured or dysfunctional from daily manual labor, sports related injuries or even lifting weights.  It’s also a type of massage that helps promote flexibility, relieves muscle fatigue, helps with muscle tension and will help reduce swelling from specific injuries.


Hot Rocks Massage

This one is all about leaving you relieved of any stress or tension in your body.  A lot of people seem to think this is some new age technique, but actually it has been used for centuries and is considered an ancient art.  This technique uses hot stones, usually made from a smooth material like marble that are heated up and then placed on the body.  The stones will usually be placed on key points of your body where your energy or chakra points are.  The stones are placed and replaced on certain points of your body where you carry a lot of stress and tension.  This about more than just physical satisfaction though, hot rock therapy can also help with chronic pain such as arthritis, it can help detox the body, help with pain and aches in the legs, neck or back and ultimately it reduces stress.

There is also another technique called Stone Massage where instead of using hot rocks, they use cold rocks or hot and cold rocks together in unison.  As you probably know heat does one thing to the body during an injury while cold does another.  Heat helps increase blood flow and also opens up the blood vessels in your body.  It also helps give your body more oxygen which means hot is good for people that want to get rid of pain in their body.  Heat also notifies your pain receptors of a specific place on your body where extra blood flow needs to go to help your body naturally heal.  Cold on the other hand, slows down blood flow and helps reduce inflammation, swelling and pain from swelling.

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