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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Until recently, patients suffering from tooth loss had limited options for replacing their missing teeth. In most cases, dentures were used in order to restore normal functions of the mouth, including optimal ability to chew and speak. Today, dental patients who have experienced loss of one or multiple teeth have more choices available to them, and one of the most attractive and effective of these options is dental implants. Dental implants in Clearwater are becoming one of the most popular and common dental procedures performed. In fact, patients are opting for dental implants now more than ever for a number of reasons. Just like any restorative dental procedure, however, dental implants come with both advantages and disadvantages. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of dental implants that will help prospective implant patients make an informed decision.


One of the best reasons for choosing dental implants is the fact that they look and feel like your own natural teeth. In fact, this is the biggest reason most dental patients looking to replace lost teeth opt for dental implants over dentures. Dental implants also give patients a more natural and attractive appearance. They tend to be a much better option when it comes to improving speech, especially since dentures that are ill-fitted can slip and cause patients to slur words or even mumble. Because they function like real teeth by ultimately fusing into bone and becoming permanent, better alignment occurs that allows patients to speak normally. Most patients report better comfort with dental implants than with dentures, and the reason for this is the fact that implants become a permanent and integrated part of the mouth. This is also the reason that dental implants make eating easier and more comfortable than with dentures. Implants are also more durable, giving them the ability to withstand more normal wear and tear over time. This fact also makes them last longer. With optimal care, most dental implants never have to be replaced, while dentures often need to be replaced every 10 years or less. Dental implants are more convenient than dentures because they can be cared for just as natural teeth. With implants, there’s no need to take them out at night for cleaning, and there’s also no need for messy adhesives to hold them in place and keep them from slipping. Finally, the success rate for dental implants is upwards of 95 percent.


Dental implant procedures require patients to schedule several dental visits, including surgical procedures that involve screwing the implants into the jawbone. The length of time it takes from beginning to end when receiving dental implants is several months and perhaps up to a year. With this surgery can come pain or discomfort, for which your dentist may prescribe pain medications, and patients typically are given the option of receiving anesthesia for procedures. Dental implants are more costly than dentures or bridges, and therefore, are not affordable by all patients looking to opt for implants over dentures. Additionally, some insurance companies don’t cover the cost of implants, making them restrictive for some patients who would otherwise choose to have dental implants placed rather than dentures.


The success rate for dental implants is considered one of the highest in the dental industry, at nearly 95 percent. Of course, all procedures have risks of complications. These risks include possible infection of gums or tissue, possible sinus problems, and failure to bond to the jawbone. Some patients can take longer periods of time to heal from surgery, and this means they may not be the best candidates for dental implant surgery. In fact, some patients are not candidates at all, especially if they suffer from blood disorders that make surgery too risky. In order to minimize risks as much as possible, it is imperative for dental patients planning on receiving implants to disclose their entire medical history, current issues and symptoms, as well as medications.

Implants are one of the dental industry’s most popular and beneficial of all restorative dental procedures. Dental implants provide patients who have lost one or more teeth with a more attractive and better-functioning option than dentures, especially if a more natural look is what they desire. If you are a dental patient who is looking for an alternative to dentures, dental implants may be right for you. Contact a quality dentist for more information about how dental implants can give your smile the look and feel like of your own real teeth.

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