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Are Laser Skin Treatments Safe?

Laser Skin TreatmentsThe majority of laser skin treatments are safe. There are always a few minor reactions to watch out for, but these are rare. Procedures that are performed properly and that are cared for properly afterwards are completely safe. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions exactly as they are given to prevent infections and adverse reactions from occurring. Most treatments barely go deeper than the epidermis.

Type of Procedure

Depending on the type of procedure, whether it is only laser surgery or if it is a dermabrasion treatment, the risks for infection or uneven healing vary. A dermabrasion procedure does open up the pores and cells in the skin more than a laser procedure. This means that infections are more prominent, but with proper care afterwards, there should be no risks.

Some procedures will cause a minor amount of discomfort and/or swelling. This is to be expected. You should only worry if it is severe or causes vision, breathing or swallowing issues.

Type of Laser Used

There are over a dozen different types of lasers. Some are stronger than others, which can cause light burning sensations or redness. If you have sensitive skin, speak with the surgeon in the NJ area about using a lighter or less powerful laser instead.

Generally speaking, lasers are safe and will not cause any permanent damage to the skin. There may be a few areas, where the laser was used on the skin, that tan differently or are a little dryer than the rest for a short period of time. This is normal.

Length of Procedure

The length of a procedure such as a dermabrasian procedure, can affect the safety of the procedure, simply for the fact that skin is left vulnerable for a brief period of time. Many procedures are completed in increments rather than all at one time. This allows for gradual changes to be made with fewer traumas to skin cells.

With most procedures going in 30 – 60 minute increments, it is not a big enough risk to cause any major damage to the skin at all. This makes the procedures safe to endure. A complete healing time is generally allotted for in between treatments.

Depth of Laser Penetration

Even with penetration to the dermis, the depth of the laser is not harmful. What is experienced for the most part is a minor amount of discomfort. The skin may feel warm to the touch for a period of time following a procedure but it is not severe.

In instances of laser hair removal treatments, a deeper penetration of the laser is often used. The skin may be sensitive to facial cleansing products or makeup products for a short period of time. This is to be expected but is not a danger.

Reasoning for the Laser Skin Treatment

Most laser skin treatments are cosmetic and are not necessary. Facial tightening is merely for appearance and has no real medical value whatsoever. Women with excess facial hair or scarring from surgery, injuries or acne often find these procedures to be necessary. These cases do hold a medical value where they can be deemed necessary and warranted for health reasons. Another example is using laser treatments for skin cancer treatment or prevention. Depending on the reason of the surgery, the outcome will vary as well as the side effects or potential risks. As with any surgery, some side effects or reactions are to be expected. With laser skin surgeries, these are minimal and do not pose any life threatening scenarios.

For the most part, laser skin treatments are perfectly safe. Surgeons are very skilled with their talents and are able to perform these procedures without causing damage to the area being worked on. It is important to have your skin type examined closely by the performing surgeon to discuss any potential side effects for your specific type of skin. Where trauma occurred previously, a longer period of sensitivity may be experienced. Again, this is minor and is generally not permanent. It is a good idea to speak with your performing surgeon in Millburn to discuss aftercare and potential side effects or sensitivities to be expected prior to the procedure taking place.

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