Causes of Back Pain

Causes of Back PainNoted pundit Charles Barkley once divided the world into two camps: people who have bad backs and people who don’t. If you would like the relatively blissful existence of the latter, then you should take the advice of doctors, and spinal surgeons in NJ, about simple way to prevent back pain.

Here are five habits that put your back at risk and some simple strategies to stop them before the damage is done. Continue reading

Nonsurgical Treatment for a Pinched Nerve

pinched nerve treatmentA pinched nerve can be a painful and annoying situation.  It tends to happen when there is too much pressure applied to one of the nerves in your upper or lower back or in your neck.  The pressure breaks off the nerves natural function and causes all sorts of issues such as tingling, pain, weakness, numbness and more.  In most cases when it comes to a pinched nerve, most people can recover from it within a few days or weeks’ time by adding in a few of their own DIY treatments such as using a massager, using peppermint oil or using a heating pack.  For others though, this pain just seems to get worse and worse no matter what they do at home or what amount of time they give it to go away.  When this happens, it’s time to start looking into treatment for a pinched nerve.  In the most severe cases, you might need back or spine surgery, but before we get into all that, let’s go over a few nonsurgical ways to treat a pinched nerve.


Medications and Injections

If you have to continue living life while the pinched nerve (hopefully) goes away, you might need a little help along the way.  No one actually likes suggesting medication for pain, but if you are in pain and its disrupting your home or work schedule, it might be time to start looking into something to take internally.  One of the better options is to look at nonsteroidal Anti-FL amatory Drugs or NSAIDs as they are most commonly called.  These include things like Aleve, Advil, Motrin, etc.  If worse comes to worse you can take a higher doze of ibuprofen if your doctor suggests to do so.  Some people see significant differences when taking something like 600mg of ibuprofen.  These medications can help relieve the pain and inflammation around the nerve.  You could also consider cortisone shots, but buyer beware, these really hurt!  They might really work for you, but they are not guaranteed by any means and the pain you feel while getting one just may not be up to par with what you can stand.


Non-surgical Spinal Decompression

Non-surgical Spinal Decompression uses a device that has an on board computer that will help control the pressure, force and angle of the disc distraction in your back.  This helps to reduce the body’s natural tendency to resist any unnatural external force and helps to generate muscle spasms.  Unlike injections or surgery, Non-surgical Spinal Decompression is considered a safe and very effective way to help get rid of pinched nerves.  The decompression time tends to take 15-30 minutes where the practitioner will take the first 15 minutes to do the decompression and the next 15 for relaxation techniques such as massaging.  Another option to consider if decompression therapy doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit for you is called Inversion Therapy.  If you ever watched any 80s movies, you have seen these little contraptions before, but these days they have become safer and easier to use.  These machines, in where you hang upside down or at a specific angle is a form of spinal decompression, but by way of mechanical traction.  You hang upside down for anywhere between 5-15 minutes and your back essentially uses gravity to decompress the joints in your body; specifically your spine, knees, ankles, etc.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a treatment that has been used for over 2500 years by Chinese medical practitioners.  Essentially, acupuncture is a good option for anything related to your body’s inner workings such as headaches, migraines, nausea and yes, even a pinched nerve.  The neck is believed to be the gateway or the tunnel between your body and your head so it’s no wonder that for something like a pinched nerve, that it is quite common in the neck area.  The neck, is also the area where the most tension and stress tend to gather.  Acupuncture is a great way to alleviate these aches and pains by using very thin hair width needles as a treatment.  The acupuncturist will use pressure points in your body to alleviate any pressure in specific areas where you are having any problems.


Chiropractic Treatment

Many of the Top chiropractors in Clifton have treatments for or are known for treating patients with pinched nerves.  Usually when a nerve is “pinched” it means that a bony impingement, a herniated disc, tight muscles or a bulging disc are present.  If you don’t want to get surgery, this is probably one of your better options to choose from.  Many people claim that chiropractic treatments, which usually range over a few weeks’ time, can result in lessening the pain caused by a pinched nerve.  Even more than that, while getting rid of the pain is great, but Chiropractors can also fix the situation at hand and get rid of the root of the problem – the pinched nerve itself, and not just cover up the pain with a proverbial Band-Aid.  They can really get down to the root of the problem and help you figure out other treatment options or ways or preventing this from happening in the future.  While stress does play a typical role in a pinched nerve, it also can have to do with obesity, posture, the way you sit during the day, bending over/down incorrectly, not exercising, or worse – exercising incorrectly.  These are all situations that Top chiropractors in Clifton can help you fix.

Types of Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques

When it comes to a chiropractor in Livingston you might think that they focus on ONLY spinal adjustments. I mean, that’s what a Chiropractor is after all isn’t it? But, in this modern day and age, more and more Chiropractors are starting to offer other things besides just an adjustment and for good reason. While an adjustment is a very beneficial service given to you by your chiropractor, we all have different needs and different issues. Instead of being a specialized chiropractor, most choose to offer a variety of options which benefits them – more clients, and it benefits you because you don’t need to be running around to 4 different places looking for 4 different treatments. If you want to know about more of the popular and very beneficial services that some chiropractors have started to offer, continue to read below for more information. Continue reading

How to Avoid Back Pain

Avoid Back Pain

Avoid Back Pain

Back pain has become the most prevalent type of pain plaguing Americans. More than 100 million people throughout the country report having experienced back pain, with nearly half of those stating their pain occurs on a chronic basis. And back pain treatment in New Jersey has risen to the top of the list of all medical therapy. Some back pain is unavoidable, such as pain that comes with an accident or illness. However, other types of back pain can be alleviated, eliminated, or even avoided altogether. Measures taken such as exercising, correct lifting techniques, and using the proper chair can help stop back pain before it starts. Here are some steps you can take to ward off back pain, even if you’ve experienced it in the past. Continue reading

Is Joint Manipulation Safe?

Joint ManipulationThe question as to whether chiropractic adjustments are safe has been asked many times over the years. The truth is that millions of patients have benefited from chiropractic adjustments, reporting to their chiropractors that their pain is relieved and their lives have been bettered. In fact, many chiropractic patients swear by their chiropractic adjustments, and yet the question still remains … is joint manipulation safe? According to the website of the Mayo Clinic, “Chiropractic adjustment is safe when it is performed by someone trained and licensed to deliver chiropractic care.” The fact is that no medical treatment comes with zero risk; however, joint manipulations that are performed by chiropractors in New Jersey have an excellent track record for safety and effectiveness. Continue reading

How to Treat Upper Back Pain

upper Back Pain TreatmentsIf you’ve suffered from upper back pain, then you know what an obstacle it can be in your life, as it makes it harder to perform your normal activities of daily living. So many things you used to enjoy are now put on the back burner because of the discomfort you feel. And some days your upper back pain can be so debilitating, you feel like you can’t do anything but stay in bed. You avoid your life and your family altogether, just hoping to get some pain relief.

There are many causes of upper back pain. Some of them are less serious and can be treated conservatively. Stretching exercises, physical therapy, and over-the-counter medications can be effective treatments for upper back pain. And in other cases, conservative treatments are not enough, especially if your back pain is chronic or getting worse. We Germans, however, tend to suffer silently, going about our daily activities almost as though the pain will go away on its own. Unfortunately, upper back pain is not something that will just go away. It’s your body telling you that something is wrong, and you need to seek help. Continue reading

Causes of Upper Back Pain

upper Back Pain CausesTrue, the upper back does not cause as many visits to the doctor as the lower back does. Because less motion occurs in the upper than the lower back, this area of the spine does not usually see as much instability as the lower back. However, just because upper back pain tends not to be as prevalent as lower back pain, upper back pain can be just as disruptive and even debilitating. For additional help in answering any question related to upper back pain contact a top back specialist in your area today.

The upper back, or the ‘thoracic spine’ (which literally means ‘pertaining to the chest’) is less likely to develop the more common spinal disorders such as ruptured or herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis. These conditions can still, however, occur in the upper back, but are more rare. Because of the limited motion that occurs in the upper back compared to the lower, there is not as much risk of degeneration in this area. Continue reading

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back PainBack pain reportedly affects 80 to 90 percent of all Americans at some point in their lives. More than half of us in this country are suffering from lower back pain right now. And lower back pain does not discriminate … both men and women are generally equally affected. In fact, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for doctor visits in the United States. Are you one of those people? Do you find that you can’t stand or sit for very long? Do you spend a lot more time in bed than usual, just to get a little relief from your lower back pain? Do you find yourself avoiding some of the things you used to enjoy, such as going to the gym or going for walks around your Essex County neighborhood with spouse or friends? Did you know that exercise can often help to relieve back pain, whereas bed rest can actually make it worse? The causes of lower back pain are many, but the good news is that there are things you and your doctor can do to alleviate or even eliminate your lower back pain. Continue reading

Back Pain and Pregnancy

Back Pain and Pregnancy“Pregnancy is a construction zone going on in your belly!” Could anyone have put it better than TV’s Al Roker? Unfortunately, ‘constructing’ a baby not only affects a pregnant woman’s stomach, but literally every other part of her body as well. And nowhere is that felt more than in her back. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that more than 70 percent of Essex County women have experienced back pain during pregnancy. Women can experience back pain at any time during pregnancy; however, it is most prevalent in the later months as baby’s weight increases. Back pain during pregnancy can affect your ability to perform your daily functions, your sleep, your health, and it can also affect your baby. What you may not know are the myriad causes, and maybe more important, the treatments. Continue reading

Causes of Back Pain in Men

Back Pain in MenBack pain is a very common problem for many individuals, especially among adults. However, it is much less likely that a man will seek the help of a spine surgeon than a woman will. Even though men are much more prone to developing back pain since their work commonly requires some form of manual labor, they seek medical attention less often. There are many different causes of back pain in men; some are as natural as aging while other causes can need surgery to correct. It is very important for men to seek medical attention of a spine surgeon to rule out anything serious. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain in men. Continue reading